40 Years of “coarse county town” bad kissingen

40 years of

Christian zoll (SPD) likes to think of himself as a kind of "old heart" governor. He has so far refused all decorations and honors. But when he and otto funck () were asked to sign the golden book of the city of bad kissingen, he did not say no, but spoke of a "noble gesture". Because "that made my friend of many years and me very happy and also makes us proud".

Christian zoll and otto funck are in illustrious company there. The first person to be immortalized in the foliant was the empress auguste viktoria on the 25th of july. July 1889 immortalized. In front of the two city councils, almost exactly a year ago, state minister a. D. Hans maier entered.

Zoll proudly noted that his great-grandfather hermann is also listed here. The poet theodor fontane dedicated a line to him and the two other fine bakers memmel and messerschmitt in his ode to the kissinger horns.

Signed in the golden book

At the celebration of the district reform exactly 40 years ago, christian zoll and otto funck were allowed to sign the golden book, because they were already members of the city council at that time and are still members today. They were "for the anecdotal" (customs) competent.

Otto funck recalled when he was to be recruited for the city council list in 1972. First christian zoll came to him in the courtyard, then edi hahn (CSU) addressed him. But: one was too red for him, the other too black. There he had landed at the kissinger block, the vorganger of the free voters. He has remained loyal to them. In his short speech, it also became clear that there is "humanity" in the city council – across party lines – and in the administration. As the SPD legend gustav brand once said to him: "look at me, boy, when you shake my hand."

Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) and paul beinhofer, president of the government of lower franconia, agreed that the regional reform had been successful. Bad kissingen has succeeded in imbuing the new local authority with a common identity and a sense of togetherness. Nevertheless, the character and individuality of the incorporated towns have been preserved.

Surrounding towns were not absorbed

The lord mayor proved this with the city's independent fire departments: they wore their bond not only in their hearts, but also on their uniforms. There the name of their district was applied. The surrounding towns had not been absorbed. Its original appearance has not been lost.
Paul beinhofer pointed out the challenges. Bad kissingen could score points here as a health region, he said, referring to the new center for telemedicine.

District administrator thomas bold (CSU) called the regional reform the right thing to do. Today's tasks could not be solved with the old structure. Bad kissingen has gained from its centrality.

Bavaria has the status of a rough county town on 1. July 1972 introduced together with the district reform. Some say this is also a kind of "consolation plaster" for the loss of county autonomy. In bavaria, there are 28 roughly circular cities. Although they are district authorities – unlike schweinfurt or wurzburg – they are allowed to perform district tasks such as youth work or the building permit process.


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