A development road with curves

That the "am eidig" building area is to be developed what will and should come was clear to everyone. However, the traffic connection of the 22 building sites between prach tinger strabe, the cemetery and the norma traffic circle was controversial. By a vote of 14 to 7, the council on tuesday voted to open up the 2.5 hectare site with a continuous, but not straight, road. They unanimously pleaded for the flat land use plan to be changed and designated as a "general residential area" expel.
Thomas kleylein from the planning office HTS explained the current state of affairs to the councils: 22 houses can be built on a buildable area of 16270 square meters; 3835 square meters are designated as traffic areas, 3800 as ground areas; a 460 square meter playground and three parking lots are planned.
The continuous road links the residential area to prachtingerstrasse and balthasar-neumann- and dientzenhoferstrasse. Intentionally, this five-meter-wide road – with a 1.5-meter sidewalk – does not run in a straight line, but winds its way through the development area.
In the center of the construction area, a rough site was planned, kleylein continued. On the sites – 700 to 925 square meters in size – detached residential buildings with up to two full stories and a maximum ridge height of 9.5 meters are to be built. A strip of grass is kept free along the cemetery wall.
Franz bohmer and heinrich kunzelmann (both ) criticized the draft plan. On the one hand, because the erschliebungsstrabe was too narrow for farmers with wide machines heading for their fields (bohmer), on the other hand, because this strabe could be abused as a through strabe (kunzelmann).
Mayor bernhard storath expects the plots to be ready for building between fall 2016 and spring 2017.
Now the draft plan will be submitted to the authorities and associations for comments and publicly displayed.

Comment: planning with obstacles

The ebensfeld rate has not found the key to success. But that was clear to all involved from the outset. Even during the preliminary discussions on the draft development plan, there were differences of opinion about the type of development. While the CSU had initially envisaged a straight-line development following the high-voltage line, the free voters vehemently advocated a winding, narrow road that would not encourage through traffic. Now a compromise has been found: the planner has taken into account a curved roadway. Because the 110 kv line cuts through the construction area and borders a former landfill site, it was not easy to portion the plots sensibly and to snake a road through them.
Of course, the fact that the wastewater mixing system is once again planned for this construction area is still a problem. The ecologically more sensible separation system, which drains rainwater into separate sewers, would be desirable. According to the planner, however, this would make the development much more expensive. Nevertheless, the protection of the environment should have priority when planning in the future. Matthias einwag

Noted in the ebensfeld market town council

Bike path and larmschutzwall the construction of the bike path along the county road LIF 25 between ebensfeld and oberbrunn has been delayed, but will now be continued, reported mayor storath. At present, the bridge lander has been installed. The earth wall on the A 73 motorway will also be further constructed. Storath said that construction work on the larmschutzwall is scheduled to be completed this year.
Drinking water the municipality will in future take over the tasks of the "kummel water community", which is around 100 years old take over. The health department had concerns about bacteriological contamination of the water from the kummel spring. The options were therefore to build a treatment plant or to connect the site to the public sewage network. According to local spokesman rudolf hornung, the people of kummel wanted to keep their source of supply. The council unanimously voted to take over the water supply system. The water price for kummel will then be 1.61 euros per cubic meter, as in the entire community.

Firefighter's license in the future, the municipality will pay for its firefighters the cost of driving license class C (truck), no longer class CE (truck with trailer). The ebensfeld fire department is thus following the example of the staffelstein fire department, which also only requires a class C driver's license. Up to now, approx. 30 firefighters trained in class CE; however, this is not necessary because the fire department has no trailer. Firefighters who still wanted to have the CE license had to finance the extra costs themselves.


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