A lecture for afd voters in the trade union

He regretted all the more that apparently five percent of the union members had voted for the afd. It is completely inexplicable that, according to the available evaluations of the IG metall executive board, around 340,000 voters nationwide have switched from the far left to the far right, i.E. From the left to the afd. Even worse, according to recently published research by the federal executive board, the afd has garnered about five percent of the vote among union members.
For a long time now, it has not just been about the demand to abolish the euro, which would mean that the german economy could give up on itself right away.

"Inhumane slogans"
Highly explosive and dangerous are, for example, the theses of afd mastermind professor peter oberender from bayreuth, who, for example, advocates a high vaccination rate for weak children the "regulated possibility of organ sale" to the general public had proposed, in order to be able to make a living. Making such inhuman slogans acceptable, that is the real danger.

Apparently, a not inconsiderable number of the union members had fallen for such slogans, seidel directed his criticism at his own camp. Some colleagues apparently had not read the demands of afd chairman bernd lucke for increased working hours and reduced vacation entitlements either. Seidel announced that the afd would be a recurring topic in future works council and member training courses, so that in future no more union members would be drawn to this "absolutely right-wing party" fall in.
According to the motto: "after the election is before the election" the union for metal, engineering and electronics in eastern upper franconia has started the preparation period for the works council election 2014. The first seminars for operating rates are to be offered this fall.

Goal: more works councils
"Our goal in the coming year will be to stabilize the number of works councils in eastern upper franconia and, if possible, to increase it, said union secretary uwe bauer. This should also include winning over more young operatives.

With a stable membership of just under 12,500, IG metall in eastern franconia considers itself well positioned. In total, IG metall has had around 300 new members since the beginning of the year, 25 more than in the same period of the previous year. However, the first authorized representative, volker seidel, also pointed out that demographic change was a serious problem for the trade unions. Particularly difficult in eastern upper franconia, where the IG metall union has already suffered almost 100 deaths since the beginning of the year. "Members always mean fighting power, assertiveness and last but not least dues payments", said seidel. After all, according to the figures of youth secretary stefan winnerlein, 85 young people, usually apprentices, could be accepted as members this year.

Because he entered the release phase of partial retirement, karl heinz leitgeb of KSB in pegnitz left the executive committee of IG metall ostoberfranken. With 56 out of a possible 58 votes, the delegates elected alois lautner, who also comes from KSB in pegnitz and was most recently released from his duties as deputy chairman of the works council, as his successor.


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