A look at prominent buildings

A look at prominent buildings

A regular burgers’ meeting is an arrangement between the city and the districts. Mayor armin warmuth wants to listen to the suggestions and concerns also in small parts of the village, as it is untereschenbach. Most of the time, it’s not sensational news that the head of the town hall hears about, but at least he learns about things that even he doesn’t know and can report on new local aspects.

Monument protection switched on

Thus he informed in the centgrave hall about a prominent building in the village, the so called "kihn’sche anwesen", which has been empty for decades. In order to preserve at least the facade, studies of the inventory are initiated by the state office for the preservation of monuments (lfd), which recommends appropriate mabnahmen. The building, erected in 1593, was the family seat of wilhelm katzmann von englib, a centgrave of fulda with his seat of office at saaleck castle. The building with its eventful history went through numerous trades, the last one being that of the brewery owner kihn, whose heirs bewitched the good one. A second, exposed building in the district is the fortified church built around 1100 on a small hill. The proposal of local spokesman albrecht leurer to illuminate the church of auben is not yet fully developed, but could be realized in the near future with the installation of spotlights. The players from untereschenbach will decide the outcome. It is certain that the walled cemetery church, which once provided protection for the residents, will receive a new entrance gate. How possibly the entrance or a guided tour can be offered to visitors, a question of helma schaupp, the church administration has to clarify.

The mowing and clearing work on both exits to the federal highway, which some burghers have called for, is due to the present. Already difficult to see, grass and bushes reduce the view even more. Remedial action is needed. Against speeding in the village, the mayor recommended a speed measuring device, as it has the gebietsverkehrswacht. Dietmar schaupp suggested an inspection, possibly a repair, of the local fountain. A local bank donates the city. The bakehouse receives a roof renovation. The recently inaugurated playground enjoys a good response and the praise of the local residents.

As far as building sites in untereschenbach are concerned, the town wants to push ahead with internal development. "If opportunities arise, we will buy up properties in the town", assured warmuth. In connection with the planned allianz exhibition "village grun gestalten", stefanie dalke asked about the procedure, which, according to the mayor, will in any case be professionally supervised. The information from frieder barth, who reported on a burgher from a neighboring town who had been injured by a processionary moth, caused unease. Local spokesman leurer wants to keep an eye on things here.

251 inhabitants

The mayor’s report showed that the population of untereschenbach has fallen by 25 to 251 since 2013. The majority of the residents is between 51 and 60 years old. There have been no births in the village for two years. The renovated kindergarten in the neighboring village of obereschenbach can still offer places.

In addition to the most important tree removals – the burgerhaus, the reconstruction at the music academy, the almost completed town hall removal – warmuth presented the current budget of the city, which closes with a balance of 3.7 million euros. A moderate new debt is foreseen. Per capita debt currently stands at around 336 euros, less than half the state average for comparable municipalities (678 euros, as of the end of 2017).

The city council approved the new fire department requirements plan. It includes the procurement of new fire trucks and also new gerate houses in various parts of the town. A new portable fire engine is planned for untereschenbach. The funds for this are included in the current budget.

More overnight stays

"Good news reported the head of the city hall in the tourism sector. Overnight stays have increased by more than ten percent in the last five years. Further tourist projects and mdecreases are planned.


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