A3 in lower franconia to be widened further – three lanes by 2019

Construction work on the last 20-kilometer section between rohrbrunn (district of aschaffenburg) and the main bridge near wertheim on the border with baden-wurttemberg began on thursday with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. This was announced by the bavarian ministry of the interior.

All other bavarian sections up to the biebelried interchange near wurzburg have already been completed or are currently being upgraded. On the hessian side, the A3 has been three-lane for a long time now. The costs of around 200 million euros will be borne by the federal government.

According to the federal highway research institute, a good 65 vehicles rolled over this section of the A3 in 2014.000 vehicles a day. Just under one in five of them was a truck. The ministry expects the number of cars on the road to increase to 75 by 2020.000 vehicles, a quarter of them trucks. To relieve residents along the route, several noise barriers are reportedly being built and a road surface is being laid to reduce the noise.

In order to avoid traffic jams, the construction work is divided into three sections, which will be completed one after the other. There will also be two lanes in each direction at all times during the construction work.


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