After the trip to kaya, it is now time to come to terms with the situation

The delegation from the twin city of kaya, which had come to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the company, returned with a wealth of impressions. The campaign was organized in conjunction with a trip to burkina faso to celebrate the anniversary of the partnership. Now the time has come to come to terms with the situation, to put the information in place and to discuss further projects. Next concrete occasion for support is a trip by young people at the beginning of the year. Then a hybrid power plant is to be erected in kaya.

Above all, the participants of the high school now have enough material to deal with the experiences of the trip in their lessons. A video film has already been made and published on the school’s homepage, as the city’s partnership officer rosa abel noted in a brief first debriefing. Mayor german hacker was also impressed by the artistic value of the contribution. Even if this is not a reflection of the trip itself, it is marked by personal impressions. There it concerns the luck of humans despite adverse life circumstances.

Next thursday there will be a meeting of the participants who will travel to kaya in january. Thomas lang from the city’s generation center has already organized the course of events during the current visit. The public will also be informed in detail about the trip. A lecture is planned in the meeting room, but the date has yet to be set.

However, another date has already been set when kaya will be brought into the light of day: the christmas market in the city center. The trip participants from the partnership association have stocked up on items that make wonderful gifts and can be purchased at the association’s booth, abel and hacker explained. The money raised from the sale is then donated back to kaya.

Another target of burgers’ donations could also be the so-called one-dollar glasses. Then hacker could imagine that school classes would be equipped with it. On the last day of the trip, the association in the capital wagadugu that manufactures these glasses was visited. But because they are ultimately more expensive to buy, the initiator thomas remont decided on a different name: "good vision glasses"."

A visit to the gauze sorting plant also contributed to the manifold impressions of the trip. However, according to hacker, this was "very humiliating"." The plant was only under construction, the gauze was lying around bagged and unprocessed. Gauze separation is also one of the focal points concerning the further support of kaya. As with the construction of latrines and the building of schools, this is to be seen as a permanent task.

Herzogenaurach is not alone in this, however, because water, wastewater and mull are trilateral tasks, rosa abel explained. So chatellerault, the french twin town of kaya, is also involved.


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