Aischgrund storks, adieu!

Aischgrund storks, adieu!

In mid august, a young stork stalked almost like a dancer through the meadows at weiler gottesgab, which is surrounded by a pond. The elegance of movement he had like an old man; but the dark legs betrayed that he belonged to the heurigen vintage. Probably he was not all alone on the way. In these weeks the young storks gathered in groups to prepare their first flight to their winter quarters.

It is uncertain whether the storks from aischgrund will migrate to africa via the bosporus and asia minor or take the route via gibraltar if they do not spend the winter in spain. The central franconian birds live exactly in the area from which both migratory routes are possible.

It is also uncertain from which nest the young stork came, since each breeding pair needs about 200 hectares of meadows and open land in order to find enough food. There are several nests to be considered. Although the period of bad weather at the end of may made human intervention necessary almost everywhere, at least one young per nest usually survived.

Two plastic storks stand in the window of the falkner bakery in adelsdorf. They point out all year round that the chimney of the bakehouse has been home to the family adebar (all year round) for the last three years.

The storks moved when the roof was replaced during the renovation of the town hall.

"The storks have dragged a few asts onto our chimney", the saleswoman in the store remembers. "The stork caretaker stahl then put up a rack for them, because the oven is strapped every day."
Even after that the storks did not want to return to the roof of the town hall. The saleswoman suspects that the new red bricks are irritating her. This year there were two young in the falconer’s eyrie. "They suffered badly from the rain; one was already dead when stork father edmund lenz came to check on them", she tells. The other was taken to the nurnberg zoo for restocking.

It was similar at the horst on the old town hall in hochstadt.

Of the five boys born to the parents anna and gerome, two survived because they were kept warm by their spouses heidi and friedrich ortegel. Their godchildren of the same name were joined by christine. It comes from the eyrie near the parish church, where a young pair of parents bred for the first time.

The young storks of herzogenaurach were almost airborne when they too were struck by an accident.

On one of their first outings they lost their orientation – by whatever means – and ended up in hofen and garten by necessity. One of them died. The other was unable to rise into the air in the brewery’s courtyard, but found his way beyond the gate into a garden. He was also taken to join his 15 or so colleagues at the zoo.

The bavarian league for the protection of birds (LBV) has mixed results for the bavarian female stork population this year. Compared to the previous year, on the one hand, a clear increase in numbers can be seen. But on the other hand, there are heavy losses in the brut due to the unfavorable weather at the end of may.

"Encouragingly, the bavarian female stork breeding population has been rising steadily for more than ten years, but breeding success this year was very low", therefore sums up LBV stork expert oda wieding. In bavaria, more than 320 pairs of storks occupied a nest in 2013, clearly surpassing the record result of 272 pairs from the previous year.


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