Animal lover stands up to duck haters in Altenkunstadt

animal lover stands up to duck haters in altenkunstadt

"Haubi, come here, hop, quick in front of the garden house. We have a photo session!" The obedient feathered fowl listens to the word – and suddenly hen haubi sits on the shot of his wife. Petra neumann from altenkunstadt does not style herself as the "mother teresa of animal welfare", but when she starts to talk fervently about her own and other people's animals, then you realize immediately: here you are really sitting opposite someone with a heart for animals.

A garden like a zoo
Their idyllic, 1000-square-meter estate resembles a small zoo: rabbits hop through the garden, fish swim in the pond, cats prowl around, canaries and cockatiels chirp and trumpet. "But wild animals also feel at home here", we have newts, blindworms and lizards in our pond and on the meadows, you can often hear a woodpecker in the trees, and a kingfisher visits our small pond from time to time", says the woman from altenkunstadt." As proof another inhabitant of the air circles over her garden. "A heron", neumann explains, pointing her index finger upward.

Attacks on ducks again and again
A few streams away: ducks swim in a stream not far from the raiffeisenbank. A peaceful sight – but the idyll is deceiving. Animal killers are targeting the waterfowl in altenkunstadt. And neumann woman to sing a song about it. Thirteen years ago, she watched a middle-aged woman try to catch a duck from a stream with a fishing line and a hook from her parents' frisor store, where she worked at the time. When she asked her about it, she was told: "is that forbidden?? Ducks belong to the general public!" An incident that still makes the animal lover shake her head 13 years later. "At that time I almost burst my collar", she remembers "this is attempted poaching, after all."

Duck deliberately run over
She also remembers the following incident: a car drove along gerbergasse past the frisorsalon. The driver suddenly swerved and hit a duck in the customer parking lot. "I was totally shocked and saw only feathers flying. The duck always enjoyed its reflection in the basement window of the store," she remembers, tells neumann.She also reported another incident in which a duck was deliberately run over by a road rager in front of a store in langheimer strabe. "A friend of mine had observed the whole thing from very close by."

At the burgers' meeting a few weeks ago in the catholic parish youth center, the woman from altenkunstadt made this trap public. The fate of the animals is close to her heart. That's why she couldn't help but bring up the delicate subject. "Animals are fascinating, intelligent and useful creatures", she says, and enthuses about carrier pigeons, whose sense of direction is far superior to that of humans, and about bees, to which we owe the pollination of plants. For petra neumann, one thing is certain: "animals and plants can survive without us – but we cannot survive without them."

With the stone she set rolling at the burgers' meeting, she wanted to draw people's attention to the fate of the ducks: "whether human or animal – you can't look away when something like this happens." The woman from altenkunstadt also took a closer look when she and her eleven-year-old son adrian discovered a young duck with a fishhook in the corner of its beak at the water playground on the school and sports grounds in rohrig a few weeks before the castle meeting. She removed the foreign body with pliers and disinfectant, she says.

"Who does such a thing?"
Already in spring, her life threatener georg bornschlegel had found a shot drake in her garden. Who does such a thing? Is it youthful exuberance or an adult animal tormentor who wants to live out his violent fantasies?? Neumann shrugs her shoulders: "I don't know." In the meantime, the police have become active. "After the burgers' meeting, the head of the altenkunstadt police station called me, questioned me about both incidents and took them down as a report."

How can the animal torturers be stopped?? The animal lover also sees the burgers as responsible for this question. Feeding animals with bread should be dispensed with. "Thus the animals lose their shyness before humans and become so more easily the victim of animal-haters." If at all, ducks should only be given natural food, such as cereals. And that only in winter with severe frost and lots of snow. In case someone catches an ubeltater in the act, neumann advises: "file a complaint immediately!" The 49-year-old also buries the planned video surveillance for the school and sports center: "it's a deterrent."


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