Helpers do not need to be afraid

Helpers do not need to be afraid

Finding a stem cell donor is not so easy. Maybe it is a little bit because of the description of the process of collecting these stem cells. The one possibility seems to be contractual, in which the necessary amount of stem cells is taken from the flowing blood, a process comparable to dialysis. And then there is the way of taking bone marrow from the iliac crest. But this requires two days in the clinic and a collection under general anesthesia. And that seems to be more of a deterrent.
Gert model from herzogenaurach finds fear unnecessary. He has already donated cells himself and he knows that it is not so bad. "It takes just over four hours and then everything is done." He has the variant "bloodwash" get. Well over 80 percent receive this treatment in order to obtain the stem cells. Whereby the so-called "stanzen", the collection from the spinal cord is also rather unspectacular, but more time-consuming.

It is so easy to donate

Everything before that was basically quite simple. "The typing takes place either through a blood sample or the swab from the mouth." But already at this point it should be clear that the project is "no pellet", emphasizes model. Then it can happen that nothing happens. That you are not a donor for the current request (in this case for jakob), at first. But since the data is then stored by the german bone marrow donor registry (DKMS), the data may later become relevant.
Model, who was typed in 1999, donated his stem cells 13 years later. "You will receive a letter stating that you are a suitable donor. Then it's off to the family doctor, who checks you again and only then is an appointment made at the hospital." There is also another routine examination to check the state of health. "The only thing you will have to do is to get injections." These are similar to thrombosis injections, which are supposed to stimulate the release of stem cells into the blood. "And if someone has problems with injecting, then I'm happy to come along", explains model laughing. "This is really the lesser part, when you know that you can save a life with your donation.
A good feeling that makes you forget the four hours in the hospital. There, a blood wash filters the desired material out of the blood. A good feeling that makes you forget that you might be "dulling" the hospital a little left with possible mild flu symptoms or back pain as a side effect of the injections.

89-Year-old stood in the butt

89-year-old stood in the butt

60 fools had gathered in the festively decorated, newly renovated parish hall. The experienced eckehard koch provided the musical entertainment. After coffee and cake, first the fart from the weisendorf flower pickers provided entertainment. The little magician loves butterflies to dance.

Tritthart confessed he hadn’t slept so well last night. "Putting my text into rhymes was not so easy after all." But he skilfully reported about the efforts with the school sports field, which in the meantime led to a good agreement, he spoke about the problems with the kirchweih, to please everyone and that an excited burger of him on the 24th day of the festival was a real problem for him. December demanded that he make sure he still gets his official gazette. He also reported on the swan traffic light and the jagerhof traffic circle, and most recently on the saul oaks in oberlindach. And he revealed his secret recipe: if the work becomes a bit much, he just puts in extra shifts. He received his well-deserved applause and promised to return next year – then again in the ev. Parish hall – continuing the tradition.

Munnerstadt: hannah played bartering real

Munnerstadt: hannah played bartering real

The realistic accident representation of the fire department munnerstadt in the context of the specialized service camp of the bavarian red cross became also a challenge for the firefighters. "Accident place" was the city parish church in munnerstadt. This staircase is currently covered in dust and thus offered a suitable training object for the realistic rescue of an injured person from a height of about ten meters. It was assumed that the rotten beams of the side roof of the church had collapsed. When the firefighters and the forces of the BRK munnerstadt arrived at the church, they saw a young man lying on the ground who had been hit by falling pieces of the roof truss. On the scaffold, at a height of about ten meters, they hoarded cries for help from another person.

While the injured person lying on the ground could be helped quickly, it turned out that it was not so easy to take care of the person, represented by hannah from the hammelburg youth red cross, and to bring her safely down to the ground. There was no way to carry her down the truss, as there were only narrow ladders and hatches. "The existing staircase, which we would naturally use in an emergency, we think today once away", explained the firefighters. This left only the possibility of getting to the injured person via the turntable ladder. The narrow street at the museum was a further problem. Cars were parked there, which first had to be driven away. "That can happen to us in an emergency, too" said a firefighter. Then it was not so easy to position the ladder so that it could be extended.

Even the guests sing at the kleinlangheim Kirchenburgsingen

"We want to involve the audience more", explained the 2. Chairman fritz schubel. And so this year’s motto was: "make music and sing together". The guests were able to read from the booklet "wirtshauslieder" pick out songs and then sing them together with the choir.

As the host, the singing club 1910 kleinlangheim naturally also opened the kirchenburgsingen – appropriately with the song "welcome". The women’s choir from kleinlangheim joined in with the franconian song. Chairwoman marlene scheidt buried the singers present, including the gochsheim singing club and up-and-coming musicians samuel buchholz, aron hager, christian vicedom and michael stier. The four played a few songs on the piano between the performances of the choruses, giving a special touch to the afternoon of songs at the church.

Carol singers are on the road again

carol singers are on the road again

No sooner have the young conigs arrived in the coarse meeting room of the town hall than there is a thick air in it. But not because city councils against the appearance of the sternsinger in their ancestral meeting room grumble. It is rather the crudely spread incense that rises from the eagerly waved vials towards the ceiling.

Before the smoke alarms go off, concerned companions of the boys and girls rub the windows open. A fresh january breeze blows in from maxplatz. And mayor andreas stark (SPD) is just as fresh and happy when he hears the carol singers' song: "we have come from the land of the future, we are guided by the hand of god…!"