Sollenberg huffs and puffs

With the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at the site where the central village square will later be built, grafenberg’s mayor werner wolf () gave the starting signal for village renewal in the grafenberg districts of lilling, sollberg and lillingerhohe.

It is now 25 years since grafenberg applied to be included in the village renewal program. It has been another ten years since a basic seminar was held in klosterlangheim. The fact that not much has happened since then is certainly not due to a lack of will. The truth was allowed to come closer, that the city of grafenberg could not raise the necessary own share. The city coffers were and are too tight.

EU, federal and state governments push ahead

many committed residents have nevertheless not allowed themselves to be put off by these changes. Undeterred, they have sat down in working groups with experts from the office for rural development (ALE) and private planning offices and developed the goals of the village renewal.

Wdr on nsu terror in koln: authorities ignored profiler tips

Wdr on nsu terror in koln: authorities ignored profiler tips

According to the report, experts from the state and federal criminal offices – so-called profilers – had already pointed to a xenophobic motive shortly after the attack in june 2004, which injured 22 people. Experts from the federal office for the protection of the constitution had also pointed out parallels to an explosive attack in london, which had been carried out by right-wing extremists.

However, according to WDR, the koln police and the NRW ministry of the interior decided "not to pursue these leads vigorously and to systematically conceal from the public any knowledge of a xenophobic background". The ministry of the interior had instructed the state criminal investigation department within hours of the bloody deed not to classify the case as a "terrorist attack" any further. Instead, the investigators assumed organized crime had taken place. The police refuted the accusations.

Every time he reached for the bottle, something was broken

In the middle of the night he struck. On friday morning in the district court, there was talk of a man who had tampered with the display case in the train station. Not just like that, but heavily intoxicated and with consequences now for his own wallet.

It was summer, the 20. July 2019. Since he had spent the whole day at the station square and had been drinking there, the 44-year-old from lichtenfels had drunk twelve beers in the course of the day. Or the equivalent: two per mille. This value was determined by the police at around 6 p.M. After the man went on a rampage at an access barrier at a building and brought it out of its anchorage. Damage: 250 euros.

Now he has time to rethink

It’s just before midnight on a saturday in february when thomas and anne D. (names changed) come home. Only when they are in their house in gaustadt, they notice that everything is ransacked. A burglary. He searches in vain for his four wristwatches, which he has kept in a display case. She lost two smartphones and a notebook.

Treacherous DNA trace

Later the criminal police bamberg will not only determine how the thief got into the house. He used a tool found on site to lever out the door via the terrace. She will also identify him beyond doubt from a DNA trace. As a repeat offender known to the investigating authorities in the surrounding area.

Coalition talks in greece fail

Coalition talks in greece fail

On friday evening, the radical left refused to form a coalition government with the conservatives, the socialists and the small party of the democratic left (dimar). These three parties together also had a relatively comfortable majority in athens, with 168 of the 300 deputies voting for them. But dimar in particular wanted to bring the radical left on board at all costs.

After the no vote of the radical left alliance (syriza), the chances of forming a coalition government in athens are minimal. Monday will probably decide whether a pro-european government will be formed in athens or whether new elections will be necessary. State president karolos papoulias now has the floor. He must hold final talks with the heads of all parties under the constitution in order to persuade them to form a government after all if possible.

Even pep guardiola wants futsal …

even pep guardiola wants futsal ...

The bavarian football association has decided on the guidelines for the indoor football season 2013/2014. According to this, the BFV is switching from classic indoor soccer to indoor soccer according to FIFA rules (futsal) for the bavarian indoor championships in both the youth and adult areas. Also at the final round of the bavarian indoor championship on sunday, 26. January in the HUK-coburg-arena futsal is played.

At the district and county level, the adult teams (men, women, seniors) are allowed to play with side and/or perimeter barriers and wide goals as an alternative to the rules this winter. In addition, the old rules of the last indoor season can still be used for the preliminary, intermediate and final rounds of the district championships in the transition year in the adult sector.
For private indoor tournaments, the association allows further flexible playing options: in the 2013/2014 indoor soccer season, for example, the game can be played either completely according to futsal rules or alternatively (permitted deviations) still with side or all-round barriers, rough goals, a normal indoor soccer ball and without accumulated fouls.

Many innovations for the ifa launch

Many innovations for the ifa launch

In berlin, deutsche telekom and vodafone gave the go-ahead to accelerate the roll-out of LTE networks so that they are available to everyone. Up to now, LTE has been used in this country primarily to eliminate the weak spots in internet broadband coverage in rural areas. This is what the politicians had prescribed for the mobile radio companies when they were awarded licenses in spring 2010. In the meantime this duty task is fulfilled. At the IFA, deutsche telekom presented the first LTE rate for its smartphone customers.

Several million people in germany are already covered by the turbo mobile network, at least in theory. Vodafone talks of "17 million households in germany" for which an LTE network is available. Telecom refers to "ten million people in rural areas". Of these households, however, only a fraction have an LTE contract. Therefore, telekom, vodafone& co. Now in the cities where current mobile networks are bursting at the seams. Vodafone announced a nationwide LTE network by 2015.

Most expensive transfer this winter: vfl brings in perisic

Most expensive transfer this winter: vfl brings in perisic

The attacking midfielder signed a contract that runs until 2017 and will cost wolfsburg a transfer fee of just under eight million euros. In the afternoon, he trained for the first time with his new team at the training camp of the fubball bundesliga club in belek, turkey.

"I’m proud to be here," said perisic at his presentation in the feudal team quarters of wolfsburg, which, viewed from above, looks as if several ufos had landed on the beach of the turkish riviera. At first glance, his move from the german champions to the 15th-placed team in the league table could also be seen as a positive development. Hold for a descent. But the 23-year-old seemed very satisfied and confident ("15th place is not a good place for wolfsburg") when he gave his first press conference as a vfl player. BVB boss hans-joachim watzke also confirmed: "we wouldn’t have given ivan away if it hadn’t been his express wish."