Bike path as hammer of the week on zdf

Only local media are interested in the inauguration of a bike path, but when a bike path leads nowhere, as in the case of albertshofen, it causes a stir even beyond the region. "The media response was tremendous, even the bavarian radio and the zdf were suddenly on the scene with film crews", dear albertshofens burgermeister horst reuther let this editorial know.

At the inauguration of the anglersteg on saturday, reuther told the burghers: "what the city of kitzingen has not achieved in twelve years, the media have now achieved in two days". This is how the head of the town commented on the development that the town of kitzingen has now declared in a press release that it is prepared to build at least a temporary cycle path. "Tonight at 5 p.M. Switch on ZDF and watch "landerspiegel", horst reuther recommended to the albertshofers. "A destination is essential, but this bike path leads to nowhere", the tv people mocked in their contribution to the series "hammer of the week.

ZDF showed horst reuther on his bike, heading for the end of the bike path at the beginning of the kitzinger gemarkung. In an interview, horst reuther emphasized that his community had not wasted any tax money. Instead, he blamed the city of kitzingen, because after twelve years of stalling, nothing has happened. As the zdf journalists regretted, kitzingen’s mayor siegfried muller had not had time for an interview, but had been referred to a press release in the town hall.

In some of the burghers’ voices, the absolute incomprehension of the burghers was heard that the people of albertshofen have no understanding for the fact that the city of kitzingen did not go along with the project and build the entire bike path together with albertshofen for relatively little money. The people from the zdf suspected that the completion of the complete bicycle path to the kitzingen commercial area dreistock by the st. Could last until the end of time.


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