Boris becker must part with trophies

Boris becker must part with trophies

A replica of the wimbledon cup, a golden camera, a bambi: a total of 82 mementos of ex-tennis star boris becker are being sold in an online auction since monday evening.

It ends on 11. July with the sale to the highest bidders, as the auction house wyles hardy& co in hemel hempstead near london announced on monday. This is to collect money for the creditors.

Becker was declared insolvent by a british court in june 2017. Numerous items were then to be auctioned off by the auction house to the highest bidders. This includes trophies, medals and media awards, but also personal items such as watches and a pair of socks belonging to the 51-year-old.

The three-time wimbledon winner saw through the auction his was injured. Becker’s lawyers had therefore stopped the auction at the end of june 2018 at the last minute by means of a temporary injunction – however, the success was not to last long.

"I am very pleased that the auction has been canceled," becker said at the time. At the same time he complained bitterly about the "strange behavior" of the insolvency administrators. "Perhaps they were also happy to sell my underwear."

In an interview with "bild am sonntag", becker estimated that the memorabilia – with a lot of luck and a real fan as a buyer – could perhaps fetch 100,000 euros. "This auction is all about hurting me personally, because i am naturally emotionally attached to the trophies."A spokesman for the auction house would not give a concrete estimate on monday, but considers the amount mentioned by becker to be too low.

The ex-tennis star drew another ace: he claimed to enjoy diplomatic immunity – he could therefore not be prosecuted: he had in fact been appointed sports attache at the EU representation of the central african republic. But this task had nothing to do with his difficult situation, he emphasized. However, the authorities of the african country made different statements as to whether this appeal would be effective.

Finally, last december, becker declared that he would no longer be claiming his diplomatic status. The bankruptcy court extended the insolvency status indefinitely at the end of 2018.

The past months were not the best of his life. The misery surrounding his financial situation was compounded by the tennis legend’s separation from his wife lilly after nine years of marriage.

Becker commented on a police operation at his london villa with the sentence: "as you all know, i have a very temperamental wife, who can get loud sometimes."Lilly (42) also spoke up and told the "stern": "we were always very passionate about everything, in life, in love and in arguments."


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