Carol singers are on the road again

carol singers are on the road again

No sooner have the young conigs arrived in the coarse meeting room of the town hall than there is a thick air in it. But not because city councils against the appearance of the sternsinger in their ancestral meeting room grumble. It is rather the crudely spread incense that rises from the eagerly waved vials towards the ceiling.

Before the smoke alarms go off, concerned companions of the boys and girls rub the windows open. A fresh january breeze blows in from maxplatz. And mayor andreas stark (SPD) is just as fresh and happy when he hears the carol singers' song: "we have come from the land of the future, we are guided by the hand of god…!"

Buried with a handshake

The lord mayor is so impressed by the royalty in their colorful robes that he invites all the kaspars, balthasars, melchiors and sternentragers from the parish of st. Martin buried individually with a handshake: "welcome to the town hall!" Calls out to them. It is a "wonderful tradition", that the sternsinger visit the city hall, he adds and looks around searching for the collection boxes. Four are also being thrown at the head of the city.

The OB also quickly shrugs off a few euro bills and jacks them into the sockets. Not only that.: as a thank you for their days of volunteer work, strong gives each carol singer a gift certificate for the bambados.

The children are more than aware that they are not only out collecting money in bamberg around the day of the epiphany: "you are bringing jesus' blessing into the houses, you are out on his behalf!", pastor anton heinz had given them some advice before they left for the town hall. During the small sending out ceremony, the pastor asked for the blessing of the carol singers themselves. And after the use of holy water and the final sign of the cross, there was a well-intentioned reminder: "be careful with the sweets, do not eat them all at once!", laughed pastor heinz.

Benjamin (9), moritz (9), maximilian (7) and ka-leo (8) just shook their heads a little precociously: "we donate our subs to the homeless!", the boys said for their group. Of course they were "mega happy", when friendly people give you something subes "but that is much too much!" On the other hand, there are also contemporaries who slam the door in the faces of the carol singers right from the start: "some are unfriendly, they don't want us", says benjamin quietly, but undeterred in his zeal for the good cause.

Against child labor in india

To the 60. For the first time, children nationwide are going from house to house to collect money for children in need. The three kings' singing campaign – sponsored by the children's missionary organization "the sternsingers and the federation of german catholic youth (BDKJ) -has become the world's largest solidarity campaign by children for children. More than a billion euros have been raised so far, supporting more than 71,700 projects for children in africa, latin america, asia, oceania and eastern europe. This year, the campaign's motto is "bring blessings, be a blessing. Together against child labor – in india and worldwide!"

With payments and a film, the sternsinger of st. Martin prepared for her mission. The two members of the parish council gaby ebert and maria-ward sister christa biesinger explained to them that around 168 million children between the ages of five and 17 work several hours a day worldwide – often under exploitative and dangerous conditions. In the unprecedented country of india alone, up to 60 million boys and girls are said to be working, even though work for children under 14 was banned by law in india in 2006.

"We collect for children in india who have to work", the seven-year-old mathilda is already a woman. She looks lovely as konig melchior – and with dark brown make-up on her face. This moor is now parading through the city center. And will stand by the rougher comrades who write with chalk on the doors: 20-C+M+B-18. Christus mansionem benedicat – christ, bless this house.


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