New government appointed under petr fiala

New government appointed under petr fiala

In the midst of the fourth corona wave, a new liberal-conservative government has taken office in the czech republic.

President milos zeman swore in cabinet ministers under head of government petr fiala at lany castle near prague. Since the election in october, the coalition of five parties has had a clear majority of 108 of the 200 seats in the chamber of deputies. Fiala succeeds populist billionaire andrej babis, who came under pressure over financial tensions.

Electro-festival and musiggfabrigg summer festival each postponed for a year

electro-festival and musiggfabrigg summer festival each postponed for a year

Bass threatens, the ground vibrates. People dance, have fun: celebrate. None of this will happen in hochstadt in 2020. Instead: a yawning emptiness on the square behind the fortuna culture factory.

Only last year, the organizers around georg niklas celebrated their premiere there with the pondsland festival – with success. Many hundreds of visitors danced in 2019 on the newly designed area around the old heating house. In january of this year, niklas and his colleagues then announced that on 11 january, he had been arrested.There will be a second edition of the festival in july 2020: "all this was not to be expected then." A little later the pre-sale started, but it ended abruptly with the government’s exit restrictions. "It was also like a lockdown in ticket sales", recalls georg niklas. Then he canceled the festival for this year due to the corona pandemic.

“Brose bamberg must return to the city”

When johan roijakkers buries his new team in full today for the official start of training in strullendorf, it can already be chalked up as a small success this year. The organizational effort to bring the players from abroad to bamberg was rough, but worth it for now. All tests to date – players, coaches and support staff have been tested several times for the coronavirus – have been negative.

On sunday michele vitali, tyler larson& co. Getting to know her new adopted home town for the first time on a guided tour of the city. While the team will be sweating it out in the hall until the start of the season in october, the preparation time for the brose managers around new managing director philipp galewski (33) will be no less strenuous.

Property prices continue to rise despite corona crisis

Property prices continue to rise despite corona crisis

Apartments and houses in germany have continued to rise in price despite the corona crisis. In the second quarter, prices for residential real estate rose by an average of 1.4 percent compared to the first quarter of the year, the federal statistical office announced on wednesday.

Compared to the same period last year, there was a plus of 5.6 percent. This means that the increases are in the range of the previous quarters, the wiesbaden statisticians explained. However, this is a quick estimate, which is subject to a certain degree of uncertainty.

There was no towel war: our readers describe their vacation impressions

After the vacation directly into the quarantane – so it happened to our reader thomas bickel. He spent this year’s summer vacation with his wife on the canary islands. The couple spent a few days on fuerteventura before ending their trip on lanzarote – and did so in a very relaxed way. "They feel they are alone on both islands at the moment", he was pleased just a week ago.

Only half of the hotels were open – and only about 50 percent of them were occupied, said bickel, who thought he was in a lonely finca because of the peace and quiet. "If you are looking for peace, there is no better time than now." But the rude awakening came shortly before departure: after the spanish mainland and the balearic islands had already been declared a risk area, the foreign office followed suit at the end of last week and since then has also been warning against travel to the canaries. Thomas bickel and his wife were surprised by this development, having always felt safe during their vacation. "With regard to the wearing of masks, everyone here is very exemplary and the hygiene inspections are being adhered to in a super way", he reported shortly before.