Inflation at lowest level since february 2018

inflation at lowest level since february 2018

Lower energy prices have pushed inflation in germany to its lowest level in 19 months. Consumer prices rose by 1.2 percent in september compared to the same month last year, according to the federal statistical office, based on preliminary data.

According to the wiesbaden authorities, the last time the rate was lower was in february 2018, when it was 1.1 percent. Compared to august 2019, consumer prices remained unchanged in september.

Bike path as hammer of the week on zdf

Only local media are interested in the inauguration of a bike path, but when a bike path leads nowhere, as in the case of albertshofen, it causes a stir even beyond the region. "The media response was tremendous, even the bavarian radio and the zdf were suddenly on the scene with film crews", dear albertshofens burgermeister horst reuther let this editorial know.

At the inauguration of the anglersteg on saturday, reuther told the burghers: "what the city of kitzingen has not achieved in twelve years, the media have now achieved in two days". This is how the head of the town commented on the development that the town of kitzingen has now declared in a press release that it is prepared to build at least a temporary cycle path. "Tonight at 5 p.M. Switch on ZDF and watch "landerspiegel", horst reuther recommended to the albertshofers. "A destination is essential, but this bike path leads to nowhere", the tv people mocked in their contribution to the series "hammer of the week.

False claims against the bypass

Regarding reporting on the niederndorf bypass:

After decades of discussions, decisions in the city council with a large majority, planning, the investigation of possible alternatives and expert opinions, the planning approval documents for a bypass around niederndorf and neuses have finally been submitted. I, too, could hope that in the foreseeable future our martyrdom, caused by ex-treme truck, bus and car traffic, would come to an end.

Further support for Portugal not ruled out

Further support for portugal not ruled out

The finn said to the finnish TV station MTV 3: "for the EU it is wise to be prepared that some kind of bridge must be built when portugal comes back to the market." Rehn did not go into details.

Rehn’s spokesman said in brussel on wednesday that according to current plans, lisbon will again be completely dependent on market funding in 2014. Rehn’s comment should be understood as an expression of the commission’s commitment to lisbon. "Portugal has and will have the support of the commission and the (eu) institutions."

Kunststuck in kasendorf: water fee does not have to be increased

The dissolution of the water association peestener gruppe has taken almost a decade. At the most recent meeting of the municipal council, the head of the administration, herbert schmidt, presented the final accounts and surprised the members of the body.

According to schmidt, the result of the complicated calculation procedure was that the market town of kasendorf still had to receive 7,000 euros. With the dissolution of the special-purpose association, the high-thresholders and the plant assets had to be sold off.

Saale newspaper helps with books

Saale newspaper helps with books

Can we beat last year's record of 48,450 euros?? We at the saale newspaper hope that this year we will be able to help with our "christmas aid" rubbing the 50 000 euro mark – with: bookers!

Because since today until after christmas there is a rough book table in the counter hall of the saale-zeitung in theresienstrabe 21, which is full of everything worth reading from our private bookshelves. You know how it is: you fall in love with some books, you can't throw them away – but you can give them away for a good cause.

Sollenberg huffs and puffs

With the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at the site where the central village square will later be built, grafenberg’s mayor werner wolf () gave the starting signal for village renewal in the grafenberg districts of lilling, sollberg and lillingerhohe.

It is now 25 years since grafenberg applied to be included in the village renewal program. It has been another ten years since a basic seminar was held in klosterlangheim. The fact that not much has happened since then is certainly not due to a lack of will. The truth was allowed to come closer, that the city of grafenberg could not raise the necessary own share. The city coffers were and are too tight.

EU, federal and state governments push ahead

many committed residents have nevertheless not allowed themselves to be put off by these changes. Undeterred, they have sat down in working groups with experts from the office for rural development (ALE) and private planning offices and developed the goals of the village renewal.

Carol singers are on the road again

carol singers are on the road again

No sooner have the young conigs arrived in the coarse meeting room of the town hall than there is a thick air in it. But not because city councils against the appearance of the sternsinger in their ancestral meeting room grumble. It is rather the crudely spread incense that rises from the eagerly waved vials towards the ceiling.

Before the smoke alarms go off, concerned companions of the boys and girls rub the windows open. A fresh january breeze blows in from maxplatz. And mayor andreas stark (SPD) is just as fresh and happy when he hears the carol singers' song: "we have come from the land of the future, we are guided by the hand of god…!"