Each needs the other in order to live

Each needs the other in order to live

For thousands of years, we have asked in the lord’s prayer, which jesus himself taught us: give us this day our daily bread. Daily bread is a synonym or symbol for many of our basic needs. Martin luther writes in his interpretation what he considers to be part of this:

Clothes and shoes, food and drink, house and farm, wife and child, fields, cattle and all good things; pious husbands and wives, pious overlords – and many other things.

Technology is a women’s issue

Technology is a women's issue

Coburg university is committed to equal opportunities. She is now a member of a special network.

The problem starts in the rush hour of life: "until the high school graduation there are no major differences between men and women. But in your mid or late 20s, you enter a phase where everything in your life happens at the same time", says dr. Renate lucke. Find a partner, make a home, make basic decisions about starting a job and career. "The academic education path with studies and doctorate is very lengthy anyway", explains lucke "and for a professorship at a university of applied sciences, an additional five years of professional experience is generally required." Even today women have less time for such a career than men. Because the decision to do so is made in the middle of rush hour: that’s why universities don’t have an easy time finding female professors.

A3 partially blocked overnight after two accidents

First, a 43-year-old man from the koln area was able to speak out against 22.30 o'clock apparently unable to brake in time and hit a car in front with a trailer belonging to a 41-year-old man from hamburg. Both the rear-ended car and the trailer were heavily damaged, almost all of the passengers escaped with a fright, one car driver had to be taken to hospital.

In the further course of events, the same mishap apparently happened in the building traffic jam to the 36-year-old driver of an articulated train from the district of freising, who noticed the slowing truck with trailer of a 43-year-old from nurnberg too late and crashed into the rear of the trailer. Again, luckily no one was injured, but both vehicles were so damaged that the roadway was completely blocked and the highway had to be completely shut down.

Deliberate contradictions

Deliberate contradictions

Camels wandering through bamberg or hamburg, sausages with pretzels and submerged mustard as a culinary reflection of their new homeland, people from distant lands rehearsing punk rebellion or waiting for a bus with their headphones over their ears: malek zaghbouni's pictures show, from the perspective of a refugee, the deliberate contradictions of those affected, who – torn from their country and their family – live with several cultures. Feelings can't be put into words – especially when the other person doesn't speak the same language, shares the same ideals?

Art as a bridge

That art can indeed build bridges to bring cultures together and to make the misunderstandable more understandable is shown by the deeply touching acrylic paintings and photographs that have been adorning the wall of the gallery in the kronach district office since monday.

Rail bike path: opening not until spring 2019

Some people in riedenberg were already worried. The new railroad cycle path was to be used as a detour during the construction work on gerodaer strabe, but the asphalting was a long time coming. Now, about ten to twelve days ago, a short piece of the path was asphalted. The detour route works perfectly. But the people of riedenberg will have to wait a little longer for the rest of their bike path.

Reason: delays on the section between oberbach and wildflecken. There beside the production of the cycle track a new canal is built at the same time. The wastewater from wildspots, upper wildspots and the rhon barracks will be forwarded in the future. Whether the processing will take place in a new clearing plant in oberbach or riedenberg, or centrally in trubenbrunn, has not yet been decided.

Even drawn from the drug scene

Even drawn from the drug scene

The defendant’s girlfriend waited outside the kulmbach district court with a queasy feeling. Bange asked her how the negotiation had turned out. "Only a fine, the defendant himself announced. The girlfriend fell around his neck, visibly relieved. 2000 euro the young man has to pay for his violation of the narcotics law. In addition, he bears the costs of the proceedings.
The fact that the 20-year-old, who originally comes from kronach, got off with this fine actually hung by a thread. For the offenses of which the young man was guilty weighed heavy. He had bought drugs 73 times and therefore had to answer to the cadi. The quantities that the young man had purchased between march and october 2017 were always between 0.1 and one gram. But the defendant bought and consumed not only cannabis and marijuana products, but also crystal meth, an extremely dangerous drug.
The 20-year-old, who has since left the district of kulmbach and started a regular life elsewhere with his new girlfriend, admitted the drug purchases without hesitation. He could no longer say how often he had bought drugs from his friends. But the accusations of the prosecution were probably true. To prove that he was serious about changing his lifestyle, he had helped to expose the drug suppliers, he said.
Last year, the defendant had the lowest point of his life. The relationship with his girlfriend at the time was at an end. Again and again there were quarrels. He had broken off an apprenticeship. Thereupon he tried his luck at a temporary employment agency. But even at his new job, it was over after four months. "I had the wrong friends at that time, the 20-year-old testified before the criminal court in kulmbach. Again and again he hung out with his friends and sought his happiness in drug consumption together with the others. Most of the time the accused consumed the drugs on the spot. "I blocked out all my problems with the intoxicating drug", he said, the man openly admitted. Today it is different. "I have finished with it. I moved away to avoid coming into contact with the drug scene in kulmbach", he said. In fact, he now has a permanent job and would like to start an apprenticeship. "It was not easy, but I have drawn a line", so the 20-year-old. The next target he liked was "his" driver’s license returned.
Prosecutor holger gebhardt had demanded that, in addition to a fine, a week’s permanent detention should be imposed. Defense attorney kerstin rieger did not see any pedagogical sense in it. "My client has started a new life. The arrest only brought him back into contact with old circles, with other delinquent youths. He has a job", according to the defense.
The criminal court, presided over by christoph berner, followed the motion of the defense. "Today we can no longer determine any harmful tendencies. It deserves a lot of respect that the defendant got out of the drug scene on his own", said, said judge christoph berner. Nevertheless, the high number of violations of the narcotics law demanded a hefty fine. The defendant should pay 2000 euros to the addiction work group.
The defendant accepted the verdict while still in the courtroom. The public prosecutor’s office also waived legal remedies.
Originally, the charge had also been intentional bodily harm. After an argument with his girlfriend at the time, the accused allegedly grabbed her by the hair, pinched her and pushed her against the wall. Moreover, the ex-girlfriend had stated to the police that the accused had choked her. The defendant admitted the fight, but denied the aggressive actions and the throwing. No proof could be provided. For this reason, this procedure was discontinued. The former girlfriend could not be summoned as a witness because her whereabouts are unknown.


Certificate for facilities for the elderly

certificate for facilities for the elderly

If you work with people and animals, you have to love both: people and animals. Marina pompe does. That’s why it has received a special award for its facilities. The two senior citizens’ aid facilities have been officially recognized as training centers for "animal-assisted intervention" since this year.

In a ceremony manfred burdich of the working group mantrailing – rescue dog team& therapy dog center the board with the official recognition. "Quality in education is indispensable", said burdich. And the mantrailing working group is focusing on quality with its training companies. The training to become a certified therapy assistance dog team at the mantrailing working group and its affiliated training companies is the only one in the entire german-speaking area that is both accredited by the european society for animal assisted therapy (ESAAT) and certified by animal assisted intervention international (AAII).

Franken brau: the next jolt

Franken brau: the next jolt

For weeks, frankenbrau has been in the headlines again and again. First, a facebook post by the brewery during the kronach schutzenfest caused unrest. The first recall action followed only a few days later, and two more within the next nine weeks. Due to a lack of drivers, the brewery is now forced to discontinue the home delivery service. The next setback.

The turbulence of the past few weeks does not seem to have left rainer mohr entirely unscathed. Nevertheless, the owner of the neundorf brewery seems comparatively composed. In an adjoining room of the brewery, he sits on the corner bench with his shoulders slumped, clutching his coffee cup with both hands. "We’ve been delivering pranks to customers’ homes for 50 years in some cases, he recalls the long tradition of personal deliveries. These are now a thing of the past.

“Doing good and talking about it” – how modern press relations work

"For thousands of years, people have been telling each other stories, and they have shaped our social life, brought us closer together and made us laugh and cry." How this storytelling works and how it can be used specifically in press and public relations work was explained by torsten geiling, journalist and managing director of a strategy consultancy, to around 40 voluntary functionaries from numerous eltmann associations and gave them valuable tips for their work.

"Doing good and talking about it. How modern media and press work for clubs and associations can succeed" was the headline of this lecture evening in the klenze hall, which was organized by the city of eltmann and the hanns-seidel-foundation. "What would our city be without our clubs. Associations are the heart of a community and fill it with life. The associations are therefore a matter close to my heart", first mayor michael ziegler stressed at his funeral and underlined this also with a survey, which showed special priorities for a housing search. After the question of jobs and apprenticeships, the question of clubs came in second place, because people wanted to feel integrated in their place of residence. But how can anyone find out about the associations?? It is becoming more and more difficult to bring this advertising to the public.

A lecture for afd voters in the trade union

He regretted all the more that apparently five percent of the union members had voted for the afd. It is completely inexplicable that, according to the available evaluations of the IG metall executive board, around 340,000 voters nationwide have switched from the far left to the far right, i.E. From the left to the afd. Even worse, according to recently published research by the federal executive board, the afd has garnered about five percent of the vote among union members.
For a long time now, it has not just been about the demand to abolish the euro, which would mean that the german economy could give up on itself right away.

"Inhumane slogans"
Highly explosive and dangerous are, for example, the theses of afd mastermind professor peter oberender from bayreuth, who, for example, advocates a high vaccination rate for weak children the "regulated possibility of organ sale" to the general public had proposed, in order to be able to make a living. Making such inhuman slogans acceptable, that is the real danger.