Robberies are the order of the day

The time of the thirty years' war was also a heavy burden for the small jura village of affalterthal, since it was strategically located on an old road from gobweinstein to grafenberg (nurnberg), and, what weighed even more heavily: the owners of the village, the lords of egloffstein, soon converted to the evangelical faith, which is why it often came to conflicts with the bishop of bamberg.
It was also the landed gentry who brought the swedes with king gustav adolf at the head into the country, in order to find help in the fight against the (catholic) emperor.
On 8. September 1629, in the course of the counter-reformation, 30 soldiers from forchheim and 50 armed men from the office of leyenfels entered affalterthal with the help of a bamberg constable in order to install the catholic pastor johann dietz, against the will of the people and the village owner of egloffstein.

Oath and revenge

They expelled the evangelical pastor, the chronicle continues, forcibly opened the church doors and loved to read a holy mass. The people of affalterthal were forced to return to the catholic faith by an oath that everyone had to take. Revenge was not long in coming.
On 29. October 1631 the bailiff wolf reufl von gobweinstein reports that friedrich von egloffstein has taken it upon himself to recruit horsemen, namely a whole company. Eight riders were accommodated in the inn in affalterthal, the others in private homes in bieberbach and affalterthal.
These have a "reftrager von etzdorf, who wanted to go to nurnberg with his basket, was attacked and robbed of his belongings; likewise they attacked the pastor helldorfer von wichsenstein, who wanted to go to moggast with his schoolmaster, robbed him of his horse, the silver goblet and the schoolmaster's clothes together with his coat.

Flight attendants plan nationwide strike on friday

Flight attendants plan nationwide strike on friday

The stewardesses and stewards had massively extended their walkout today and cancelled far more than 300 flights. Over 43,000 passengers had to be rebooked on later aircraft or were unable to fly at all.

The chaos at the strike-stricken airports of frankfurt, munich and berlin, however, was limited. According to a spokesman, lufthansa was able to inform half of the affected passengers by text message and canceled flights earlier.

Commentary: from filet stucco to ruin

Commentary: from filet stucco to ruin

Almost five years ago, someone obviously laid a really bad egg in the nest of the town of bad bruckenau. In december 2015, two supposed real estate experts had presented their plans for the revival of the hotel "alte post" to the city council presented from the thorny sleep. The local politicians across all factions reacted almost euphorically, especially since a financially powerful private investor was supposed to be behind the whole thing, but even then he preferred not to read his name in the newspaper.

And what has happened in the meantime at the object in the ludwigstrabe? Nothing! The only stones that have moved on the historic building so far are the loose tiles on the roof. For the full-bodied announcements of the self-appointed project developer and the marketer commissioned at the beginning have not been followed by a single handshake.

The tufter makes old clocks work

The tufter makes old clocks work

They have been lying dormant on the church floor since the renovation of the church 20 years ago. Now oskar bohm has taken care of them. Until the village anniversary this summer, the tuftler would like to restore the two historical chronometers to the point where they can be exhibited.
The goal is ambitious, especially the repair of the movement from 1793 could be a rough challenge. Already quite rusty, its origin is unknown. However, invoices in old municipal records at least show that in that year a few kreuzer were paid for baumol to lubricate the clock movement. Another invoice shows that andreas katzenberger from engenthal received 16 kreuzer for a repair.
Former local speaker and city councilor oskar bohm also found a working clock from that time during a visit to a cathedral in southern england. The unscrewed and only with wedges connected movement, which did its service until the beginning of 1900, bohm wants to restore again and to present at the festival at church tours.
In much better condition is the clock house with interior from the year 1937. Due to damage, it was replaced two decades ago by an electronic system – also because no more spare parts could be obtained.

Unimog brake cable used
The timepiece was produced 75 years ago by the company J. F. Weul made in bockenem. Oskar bohm, as a former head of the apprentice workshop of the german army very technically versed, has already rebuilt it. He replaced the striking mechanism, which ran over rope pulleys, with a unimog brake rope and the broken spring of the clock's perpendicular with a feeler gauge tape. "Then i adjusted it with a stopwatch. It could be put back into operation today", bohm proudly declares.
Still church caretaker hans-werner schedel, who had taken over the repairs and the care of this striking mechanism on behalf of the city, advised against it, however. Because he still had to wind the long-serving church clock by hand with a crank, which proved to be quite strenuous in the long run.
However, the people of pfaffenhausen are unanimous about the further use of the historical relics. In their opinion, they belong in the "herrenmuhle" town museum, when the anniversary is over. Negotiations with the city are already underway.

Vdk local association in sambach pleased with increase in number of members

How close the vdk is to the people was shown by the report of the local association chairman karl neudecker at the members' meeting. So we had 34 "caregivers", so visits to members on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, but also in case of illness in the area of the local association took place.
A large part of the work lay on the shoulders of klara neudecker, the wife of the chairman, who does valuable work as a supervisor. At christmas, all members over 75 years of age were visited and presented with a gift.
During the period under review, the number of members rose again, reported neudecker, who has led the local association for 38 years. The number of members was reduced by three deaths, but seven new members were also gained. As a result, the local association sambach currently pays 100 members. The "help heal wounds" collection, to which the entire board of management was on the way, had produced a good result.

Burgermeister says thank you

Mayor hans beck (WBS) gave the ruhr local association high praise for its valuable work for the good of the people. Andreas hofmann, who has been a member of the board for ten years, was honored by the chairman and the deputy chairman of the district council, volker ehrenberg, for his commitment.
The vdk social association plays a "unifying role" for local people, according to vice-chairman ehrenberg. A community of solidarity had been formed, which was not called the "vdk family" for nothing is referred to as. In the first nine months of 2017, the vdk provided 280,000 social legal consultations for its members. There have been 53,500 applications for social benefits, about 19,000 appeals against official letters and nearly 5,500 lawsuits.
For the members, more than 30 million euros in back payments could be recovered during this period. That the social association is "combative and active getting involved in politics is very important.
In the upcoming state elections, the vdk will therefore "put the candidates to the test" on the key issues of social inequality, pensions, health and care. 

Herbert panzer crowned new “wanderkonig

The chairwoman of the local group of the frankenwaldverein (V), jessica deuerling-feil, looked back on numerous activities in the past year at the annual general meeting. Especially the mountain festival was a great success.

After two new members, five resignations and ten deaths, she put the number of members at 202 as of 31 december 2018. December 2018. The many deaths showed that the demographic change had also caught up with the frankenwaldverein: "in the future, we must try to inspire more young people." More focus should therefore be placed on membership recruitment this year. She hopes to inspire more people to join the frankenwaldverein by offering reduced annual dues for families (25 euros) and single parents (18 euros).

Housing estate: committee remains with the no

Once again, the members of the weisendorf building and environmental committee rejected the new construction of a residential complex with six residential units and eleven parking spaces on monchweg. Already on 18. On february the committee had refused the municipal consent. As mayor heinrich sub explained in the most recent meeting, the developer had submitted plans for a gable roof with a 30-degree pitch instead of the extended penthouse with a flat roof, and the attic was not to be extended.

Building body too rough?

In the discussion, gunther vogel (BWG) criticized the coarseness of the building, which did not fit in at all with the surroundings, and each parking space had to be accessible. Norbert maier (grune) saw no serious changes in the new planning. He also criticized the massiveness of the structure and, like gunther vogel, announced his rejection. The building committee then unanimously followed the proposal for a resolution not to grant the municipal consent. The marked parking spaces could not all be recognized.

German-spanish festival – low schwarmt

German-Spanish festival - low schwarmt

Joachim low is also already dreaming of the german-spanish champions league games. Never before in the 57-year history of the most important european cup competition have two german clubs reached the semifinals.

The bundesliga now faces a showdown with spanish giants FC barcelona and real madrid for supremacy on the continent. Before the draw for the preliminary round on friday in nyon, low was looking forward to and over the "exciting constellation, which for me is also proof that very modern, extremely well-organized football is played in these two countries.".

High consumer spending keeps us economy on track

High consumer spending keeps us economy on track

According to a new calculation, the gross domestic product (gdp) of the world’s largest economy increased by 2.4 percent in the first quarter of 2013 on an annualized basis, the department of commerce in washington announced on thursday.

This means that the first estimate a month ago was corrected downward by 0.1 percentage points. But experts were satisfied with the value.

Multi channeling the big chance for webshops?

Until now, it was a logical consequence for successful retailers to establish an online presence sooner or later in order to remain competitive in their industry. Online stores with an offline orientation remain the exception, however.
Fashion for home has not, however, jumped into the ice cold water with the opening of the new showroom in berlin mitte. After several successful "test runs" through their pop-up stores and their showroom at alexanderplatz, the operators of the designer furniture store have been able to gather valuable experience that they can profitably integrate into their new multi-channeling concept. Berlin-based mobelshop can also benefit from the multi-channeling experience of its new investor acton capital.
Fashion online store conley’s has also decided to sell its products additionally in retail stores in the future. With the support of smaller partner stores, where conley’s corners are set up, they also try to take off stationarily.
Multi channeling may not work equally well for every internet company, but it can be an opportunity to reach a broader audience. The furniture industry on the internet is currently growing very fast and the potential is far from exhausted. Many customers still refrain from buying on the internet, especially for products in the high-priced segment, as it is important for them to know that they are buying a high-quality product from a trustworthy source. A representative store floor, as in the case of fashion for home, can therefore be a good complement to the online store and alleviate potential customers’ fears.
In multi-channeling, the successful interplay of stationary and online channels can create a customer-oriented and efficient sales model that can make the decisive difference between a webshop and a successful company.