Special prize for “house of the peasant woman

The people of rottershausen have shown that they stick together. For this there was now a price. Anette vom berg-erbar won the special prize of the bavarian farmers' association in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" handed over to rottershausen at district level. During the tour through rottershausen, the community and the cohesion of the generations were clearly noticeable. In the village, young and old approach each other, and living together is characterized by mutual respect and trust.
The sustainable handling of foodstuffs has always been very important to the women farmers of the bavarian farmers' association. They are involved in a wide variety of activities to promote dialogue between producers and consumers. During the tour of rottershausen, the committee was treated to french plootz and tarte flambee at the farmer's house. The diversity of the village community was particularly evident here in this community center. That's why the bavarian farmers' association's special prize of 250 euros was awarded for the preservation and further development of the "farmer"s house" awarded in rottershausen.

Fruit press and oven

Here also a possibility was created for all burgers to use their self-produced fruit sensibly and completely themselves. This creates the incentive to put fruit trees back in the garden as well. But not only the fruit press, but also the coarse oven and the slaughter room round off the great offer in this community center. Here, families can take responsibility for themselves and maintain a large degree of regionalism and autonomy through their own efforts. Ms. Vom berg-erbar wanted as many people as possible to continue to use the services offered at the community center. 

Us life insurance gives allianz more profit

uS life insurance gives allianz more profit

A special gain in U.S. Life insurance gave europe’s largest insurer allianz a surprising increase in profits in the second quarter.

Chairman of the board of management oliver bate now sees allianz "well on the way" to achieving an operating profit of between 11 and 12 billion euros this year as planned, as he announced in munich on friday. In the first half of the year, the dax group achieved more than half this amount, at 6.1 billion euros.

Thw junior staff put to the test for three days

The youth of the kronach branch of the german federal agency for technical relief (THW) took part in a training and exercise weekend at the wartberg youth campsite near selb. A total of 15 children and young people from the district of kronach deepened what they had already learned and took on new challenges.
Locating and transporting injured persons, the correct installation of a suction and release line, lifting a container of old glass with the appropriate lifting power tools, and a high rescue in a quarry 15 meters deep – the THW’s hof regional office and the selb local association organized a jam-packed training and practice weekend for the THW’s junior staff at the wartberg youth campsite. A total of 60 children and young people from the THW local associations of kronach, kulmbach, pegnitz, marktredwitz and selb took part with 26 supervisors.
The kronach local association was represented by four female and eleven male young people aged between ten and 17, as well as a total of six supervisors, led by local youth representative dominik lauer, who was responsible for the organization from the kronach side.
The burial was immediately followed by the first task, which lasted well into the night: a walk by coordinates and with radio. This training was intended to help the young people overcome any insecurities they might have about using the radios.
The next day, the task was to rescue injured people at various stations under realistic conditions. "We have deliberately mixed the groups. The young people should get to know each other better and learn to work together. Teamwork and the security of being able to fully rely on each other in the field are very important in our work.", rudiger maetzig, head of the THW’s hof regional office, emphasized the importance of the job.
The third day included a final meeting and ended with the dismantling of the warehouse. For the young helpers of all local associations an unforgettable weekend came to an end.


Irritant gas shot in the face: sec deployment in nurnberger sudstadt

Irritant gas shot in the face: sec deployment in nurnberger sudstadt

According to police reports, two men got into an argument at a restaurant in wodanstrabe in nurnberg on saturday night. Both were heavily intoxicated. One of the men, a 54-year-old, abruptly shot irritant gas into the face of his opponent. By the time the police arrived, both brawlers had already moved away.

In the course of the manhunt, the 47-year-old man could be found in the vicinity. He was very uncooperative due to his alcoholic state, complained of pain in the eye, but refused any medical treatment.

Lichtenfels: truck crashes into mowing truck

Accident on the road between mistelfeld and lichtenfels near the hospital – on friday at about 11 o’clock a truck "drove almost unbraked into a vehicle of the bamberg state construction office", reports the lichtenfels police. The employees of the construction office were carrying out milling work on the right side of the road (in the direction of lichtenfels).

Lichtenfels district: unchecked ramp-up

According to witnesses, the truck driver wanted to overtake the construction office vehicle. The driver presumably made a mistake while overtaking and crashed into the rear of the mowing vehicle. "He pushed the vehicle about five meters forward", the lichtenfels police explain.

Microsoft gets into trouble again with eu commission

Microsoft gets into trouble again with eu commission

The company is not keeping its promises from 2009 and is not offering its windows users a free choice between different internet browsers, said EU competition commissioner joaquin almunia on tuesday in brussel. Competitors had complained to the commission about the problem.

If the accusation is substantiated, microsoft could face a fine of up to ten percent of an annual turnover. The competition authority said it would insist on a monetary penalty to send a signal. Microsoft also assumes: "we understand that the EU commission was allowed to decide to impose further sanctions," the company wrote in a statement.

Milan-vize calls balotelli “little negro of the family

Milan-vize calls balotelli 'little negro of the family

The brother of the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has recently called the dark-skinned striker mario balotelli a “little negro”. As can be heard on a video available on the internet, the editor of the daily newspaper “il giornale” said at the end of a speech at an election rally on sunday in varedo near milan: “now we go to the little negro of the family, the hothead”.

Berlusconi’s apparently jocular rant triggered fierce criticism on the internet. Users on social networks called on balotelli to react in a similar way to boateng. Some demanded that the 22-year-old should also leave the pitch. Others suggested that he should kick the ball into the VIP tribune like boateng did.

When relatives were pushed to their limits in caring for her

When relatives were pushed to their limits in caring for her

Every 4 seconds, a person worldwide develops dementia. In germany, about 1.5 million people are currently affected by the disease. 3 million diseases expected by 2050. As part of dementia week, we look at the topic from different angles. We accompany caregivers in old people's homes, talk to people who provide outpatient care and take a look at current research.

They have tested it. They put the clothes on the dresser in the bedroom – underwear, socks, pants and sweater. Then they said goodbye. We're going to church, they said. When they came back later the mother was dressed. Look at that, thought andrea meister, it's possible on your own after all.

A development road with curves

That the "am eidig" building area is to be developed what will and should come was clear to everyone. However, the traffic connection of the 22 building sites between prach tinger strabe, the cemetery and the norma traffic circle was controversial. By a vote of 14 to 7, the council on tuesday voted to open up the 2.5 hectare site with a continuous, but not straight, road. They unanimously pleaded for the flat land use plan to be changed and designated as a "general residential area" expel.
Thomas kleylein from the planning office HTS explained the current state of affairs to the councils: 22 houses can be built on a buildable area of 16270 square meters; 3835 square meters are designated as traffic areas, 3800 as ground areas; a 460 square meter playground and three parking lots are planned.
The continuous road links the residential area to prachtingerstrasse and balthasar-neumann- and dientzenhoferstrasse. Intentionally, this five-meter-wide road – with a 1.5-meter sidewalk – does not run in a straight line, but winds its way through the development area.
In the center of the construction area, a rough site was planned, kleylein continued. On the sites – 700 to 925 square meters in size – detached residential buildings with up to two full stories and a maximum ridge height of 9.5 meters are to be built. A strip of grass is kept free along the cemetery wall.
Franz bohmer and heinrich kunzelmann (both ) criticized the draft plan. On the one hand, because the erschliebungsstrabe was too narrow for farmers with wide machines heading for their fields (bohmer), on the other hand, because this strabe could be abused as a through strabe (kunzelmann).
Mayor bernhard storath expects the plots to be ready for building between fall 2016 and spring 2017.
Now the draft plan will be submitted to the authorities and associations for comments and publicly displayed.

Comment: planning with obstacles

The ebensfeld rate has not found the key to success. But that was clear to all involved from the outset. Even during the preliminary discussions on the draft development plan, there were differences of opinion about the type of development. While the CSU had initially envisaged a straight-line development following the high-voltage line, the free voters vehemently advocated a winding, narrow road that would not encourage through traffic. Now a compromise has been found: the planner has taken into account a curved roadway. Because the 110 kv line cuts through the construction area and borders a former landfill site, it was not easy to portion the plots sensibly and to snake a road through them.
Of course, the fact that the wastewater mixing system is once again planned for this construction area is still a problem. The ecologically more sensible separation system, which drains rainwater into separate sewers, would be desirable. According to the planner, however, this would make the development much more expensive. Nevertheless, the protection of the environment should have priority when planning in the future. Matthias einwag

Aischgrund storks, adieu!

Aischgrund storks, adieu!

In mid august, a young stork stalked almost like a dancer through the meadows at weiler gottesgab, which is surrounded by a pond. The elegance of movement he had like an old man; but the dark legs betrayed that he belonged to the heurigen vintage. Probably he was not all alone on the way. In these weeks the young storks gathered in groups to prepare their first flight to their winter quarters.

It is uncertain whether the storks from aischgrund will migrate to africa via the bosporus and asia minor or take the route via gibraltar if they do not spend the winter in spain. The central franconian birds live exactly in the area from which both migratory routes are possible.