Animal lover stands up to duck haters in Altenkunstadt

animal lover stands up to duck haters in altenkunstadt

"Haubi, come here, hop, quick in front of the garden house. We have a photo session!" The obedient feathered fowl listens to the word – and suddenly hen haubi sits on the shot of his wife. Petra neumann from altenkunstadt does not style herself as the "mother teresa of animal welfare", but when she starts to talk fervently about her own and other people's animals, then you realize immediately: here you are really sitting opposite someone with a heart for animals.

A garden like a zoo
Their idyllic, 1000-square-meter estate resembles a small zoo: rabbits hop through the garden, fish swim in the pond, cats prowl around, canaries and cockatiels chirp and trumpet. "But wild animals also feel at home here", we have newts, blindworms and lizards in our pond and on the meadows, you can often hear a woodpecker in the trees, and a kingfisher visits our small pond from time to time", says the woman from altenkunstadt." As proof another inhabitant of the air circles over her garden. "A heron", neumann explains, pointing her index finger upward.

Price decline: burkardroth cuts less wood

The only item on the agenda of the public meeting of the market town council dealt with the development and planning of the community forest. 2019, which is almost over, was not an easy year for the forest, mayor waldemar bug (odp) reminded the councillors. Similar to 2018, it was a much too dry year. Significant problems due to kaferholz and storms caused a supersaturated timber market and lower prices. The price of spruce wood has dropped from 90 euros per solid cubic meter to 25 euros.

Forest ranger stefan blumrich from the rhon-saale forestry association and managing director fabian menzel could only agree with the mayor’s assessment. Therefore, with 2300 solid cubic meters, significantly less wood was cut than the forestry equipment with a cutting rate of 3400 solid cubic meters made possible. Also for the coming year the plan with 3000 solid cubic meters is clearly below the cutting rate. On the one hand, the weather in the spring and an increased effort in the care sector had led to a lower logging rate. On the other hand, the poor prices were decisive for the restrained felling behavior, explained blumrich. It makes no sense to continue cutting coniferous wood if it is not needed and cannot be sold at a profit.

Cramped parking spaces criticized

Parking problems, traffic safety and urban planning were the focus of the speeches at the town hall meeting in the auditorium of lucas cranach elementary school on wednesday evening. Some citizens raised their concerns and suggestions. Before that, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein had given a review of the year that had passed since the last castle meeting in november 2018.

Emil wunder, a wheelchair user and senior citizen of the city, was the first to speak out. He criticized the fact that the train station toilets cannot be locked from the inside, that the toilet facilities in the kuhnlenzpassage are defective and that the toilet at the kaulanger cannot be used by all burghers. The woodchips in front of the rosenbergalm are difficult to use for wheelchair users.

Sisters of st. Francis celebrate 100 years of existence

Sisters of St. Francis celebrate 100 years of existence

100 years ago, the sisters of st. Francis in fourteen saints found land as the basis for their existence and a mission to serve pilgrims and retreatants. "We have every reason to thank god for this 100-year presence here at this place of pilgrimage", emphasized superior general sister regina prols at a thanksgiving service on sunday in the basilica. During the pontifical mass with archbishop ludwig schick, seven sisters celebrated their 50th anniversary of profession.

From a small beginning in existentially difficult times, a network has developed into the wider world. "In this hour we are gathered to thank god, to ask god and also to be sent anew with impulses", said the superior general.

This is how you can do anything

This is how you can do anything

Laughing, watching, trying things out for yourself – twelve-year-old adella sums it up like this: "you learn more here in a few hours than you do at school in a week." She and her friends of the same age explain why: "here you can move so much", says nicole, evgenia adds: "in school you have to sit still", and sabina is sure: "if you could move more in school, you would learn better." Here, that is in the circus tent of the children and youth circus luna (langendorf). It currently stands on the land behind the city music school. Inside and outside, circus director peter bethauser and his team have the full attention of a good 30 girls and boys from the kliegl middle school. Everyone is eager to learn, wants to join in on friday, 12. April. Then at 6 p.M. They presented the "history of circus" on. The whole story from 1807 until today", says bethauser.

Artists in fast forward
Public. In front of an audience. It takes artists. They are being "trained" at the moment in a fast pass. If everything works out – and it will – it will be a success for the participants. And success is good for you.
The unusual project came about as a result of cooperation between the circus, the kliegl middle school, its association, the city and its youth work, and the district office, which provided the space for the tent. "Teachers and principal harald botsch were totally open right away.", says bethauser. He spontaneously contacted the school after discovering that the federal ministry of education had launched a program under the motto "culture makes you strong" circus project e with children made possible. For over 15 years, his circus luna has been providing circus projects for children and young people on behalf of youth welfare offices, municipalities, schools and associations. The special thing about this school project: it goes directly to the social hotspot. "There are the houses where many of the children live", says bethauser, pointing to the former american settlement within sight. This circus project is the start. In the fall, the children will continue their training at school, and then for two more years with regular training sessions. Next week it's the turn of the sinnberg elementary school students.

Where will the civil service college go??

Even one day after the cabinet committee meeting in kronach, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein is still full of enthusiasm: "i am happy and happy." But this joy does not seem at all lame to the head of the city of kronach – on the contrary: beiergroblein is already having concrete thoughts about where, for example, the university of applied sciences for public administration and administration of justice could be located. "We are in contact with the property management in munich. We need the ausmabe and the quadratmeterzahl", the mayor emphasizes with a view to further plans.

He has no doubt that this school should be located in the district town: "I want it in kronach." Beiergroblein has already thought about the space needed for a new building and sees two possibilities, one of them in the area of froschbrunn. "There are free areas, but they do not belong to us." Therefore had to be led discussion about a purchase.

Mittelschulverband munnerstadt: two votes are enough for helmut blank

Just in time for the start of the school year, the association assembly of the munnerstadt secondary school association was constituted. The association consists of the former middle schools in munnerstadt and in nudlingen. In the first meeting at the freiherr-von lutz school, the association’s statutes and bylaws were adopted, as well as a budget for the rest of the calendar year. In addition, the assembly elected munnerstadt mayor helmut blank (CSU) as chairman and his nudlingen colleague harald hofmann (CSU) as his deputy. Both received two-thirds of the votes cast.

The elections were held in strict secrecy with ballots, a screened voting booth, and a ballot box secured with a padlock. The mayors stefan bierdimpfl (munnerstadt) and stefan funk (nudlingen) nevertheless needed only a few minutes to conduct the elections. The association assembly currently consists of only four members, one of whom could not be present. The members from munnerstadt are mayor helmut blank and city councilors michael kastl (CSU) and leo pfennig (independent), from nudlingen only mayor harald hoffmann. The community has 47 middle school students, for a

Known from “hollow of the lows”: math app turns students into multimillionaires

Known from

For maxim nitsche, mathematics is simply already. A wonderful world where everything is logical and makes sense. "That has a certain elegance in an increasingly complex world", he says. Maxim nitsche is 22 years old. His fascination with numbers, formulas and solutions has just made him and his brother raphael (21) multi-millionaires. The berlin brothers sold their math app to chegg, a listed u.S. Learning company, for 12.5 million euros. And what comes now?

Three million downloads

Maxim nitsche presents himself as if the immensely increased volume of his account fascinates him less than the youngest download balance of their app "math 42". Since the sale was finalized in mid-october, the deal of the young math lovers has made headlines and thus free advertising. "Three million downloads, especially in germany, the u.S., russia and china", says nitsche. "This is an overwhelming feeling." He is not only interested in ringing cash registers. Until now, it cost about two euros a month to use the app for students. Soon it will be free, say the inventors. That was entirely in their interest.

After the trip to kaya, it is now time to come to terms with the situation

The delegation from the twin city of kaya, which had come to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the company, returned with a wealth of impressions. The campaign was organized in conjunction with a trip to burkina faso to celebrate the anniversary of the partnership. Now the time has come to come to terms with the situation, to put the information in place and to discuss further projects. Next concrete occasion for support is a trip by young people at the beginning of the year. Then a hybrid power plant is to be erected in kaya.

Above all, the participants of the high school now have enough material to deal with the experiences of the trip in their lessons. A video film has already been made and published on the school’s homepage, as the city’s partnership officer rosa abel noted in a brief first debriefing. Mayor german hacker was also impressed by the artistic value of the contribution. Even if this is not a reflection of the trip itself, it is marked by personal impressions. There it concerns the luck of humans despite adverse life circumstances.

Helpers do not need to be afraid

Helpers do not need to be afraid

Finding a stem cell donor is not so easy. Maybe it is a little bit because of the description of the process of collecting these stem cells. The one possibility seems to be contractual, in which the necessary amount of stem cells is taken from the flowing blood, a process comparable to dialysis. And then there is the way of taking bone marrow from the iliac crest. But this requires two days in the clinic and a collection under general anesthesia. And that seems to be more of a deterrent.
Gert model from herzogenaurach finds fear unnecessary. He has already donated cells himself and he knows that it is not so bad. "It takes just over four hours and then everything is done." He has the variant "bloodwash" get. Well over 80 percent receive this treatment in order to obtain the stem cells. Whereby the so-called "stanzen", the collection from the spinal cord is also rather unspectacular, but more time-consuming.

It is so easy to donate

Everything before that was basically quite simple. "The typing takes place either through a blood sample or the swab from the mouth." But already at this point it should be clear that the project is "no pellet", emphasizes model. Then it can happen that nothing happens. That you are not a donor for the current request (in this case for jakob), at first. But since the data is then stored by the german bone marrow donor registry (DKMS), the data may later become relevant.
Model, who was typed in 1999, donated his stem cells 13 years later. "You will receive a letter stating that you are a suitable donor. Then it's off to the family doctor, who checks you again and only then is an appointment made at the hospital." There is also another routine examination to check the state of health. "The only thing you will have to do is to get injections." These are similar to thrombosis injections, which are supposed to stimulate the release of stem cells into the blood. "And if someone has problems with injecting, then I'm happy to come along", explains model laughing. "This is really the lesser part, when you know that you can save a life with your donation.
A good feeling that makes you forget the four hours in the hospital. There, a blood wash filters the desired material out of the blood. A good feeling that makes you forget that you might be "dulling" the hospital a little left with possible mild flu symptoms or back pain as a side effect of the injections.