Certificate for facilities for the elderly

certificate for facilities for the elderly

If you work with people and animals, you have to love both: people and animals. Marina pompe does. That’s why it has received a special award for its facilities. The two senior citizens’ aid facilities have been officially recognized as training centers for "animal-assisted intervention" since this year.

In a ceremony manfred burdich of the working group mantrailing – rescue dog team& therapy dog center the board with the official recognition. "Quality in education is indispensable", said burdich. And the mantrailing working group is focusing on quality with its training companies. The training to become a certified therapy assistance dog team at the mantrailing working group and its affiliated training companies is the only one in the entire german-speaking area that is both accredited by the european society for animal assisted therapy (ESAAT) and certified by animal assisted intervention international (AAII).

"This high level of external quality control makes the training in animal-assisted intervention in kronach unique", burdich continued. Marina pompe’s two daycare facilities, which are now officially recognized as internship centers, have helped to further advance the training program.

For years, the work group mantrailing has also regularly supervised female students in the field of social work. Especially for this clientele, the foundation for a good final thesis is laid here.

Marina pompe is not alone with her facilities in animal-assisted intervention: she is integrated into a network of facilities that are constantly developing through constant exchange. The well-being of the animal is always in the center of attention.


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