Commentary: from filet stucco to ruin

Commentary: from filet stucco to ruin

Almost five years ago, someone obviously laid a really bad egg in the nest of the town of bad bruckenau. In december 2015, two supposed real estate experts had presented their plans for the revival of the hotel "alte post" to the city council presented from the thorny sleep. The local politicians across all factions reacted almost euphorically, especially since a financially powerful private investor was supposed to be behind the whole thing, but even then he preferred not to read his name in the newspaper.

And what has happened in the meantime at the object in the ludwigstrabe? Nothing! The only stones that have moved on the historic building so far are the loose tiles on the roof. For the full-bodied announcements of the self-appointed project developer and the marketer commissioned at the beginning have not been followed by a single handshake.

The presenters of that time have as good as disappeared into oblivion. In the meantime, one of the companies involved has been officially dissolved and the opening of bankruptcy proceedings has been rejected by the court on the grounds of insolvency. The second gmbh is to be merged with another company.

Not with due care

Continuous inquiries by the press about the status and progress of the project have been answered only very hesitantly in recent years – if at all – by those responsible and, in retrospect, not with the necessary care and honesty. During the presentation, the contact persons who had gladly handed out their colorful business cards in the city council could not be reached on a regular basis and later seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. The "speaker the investor was more silent than he was talking.

And what have the responsible people in the town hall and our elected local politicians actually done with regard to the (non-)development at the "old post office"? For five years? Were you also infected by the thorny sleep? It can't be that in a prominent place in the city the empty hotel continues to hang around as a ruin. A normal house builder or land owner had already been steamrollered by the relevant authorities.


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