“Doing good and talking about it” – how modern press relations work

"For thousands of years, people have been telling each other stories, and they have shaped our social life, brought us closer together and made us laugh and cry." How this storytelling works and how it can be used specifically in press and public relations work was explained by torsten geiling, journalist and managing director of a strategy consultancy, to around 40 voluntary functionaries from numerous eltmann associations and gave them valuable tips for their work.

"Doing good and talking about it. How modern media and press work for clubs and associations can succeed" was the headline of this lecture evening in the klenze hall, which was organized by the city of eltmann and the hanns-seidel-foundation. "What would our city be without our clubs. Associations are the heart of a community and fill it with life. The associations are therefore a matter close to my heart", first mayor michael ziegler stressed at his funeral and underlined this also with a survey, which showed special priorities for a housing search. After the question of jobs and apprenticeships, the question of clubs came in second place, because people wanted to feel integrated in their place of residence. But how can anyone find out about the associations?? It is becoming more and more difficult to bring this advertising to the public.

For this reason, the clubs want to be trained, emphasized sebastian schilling of the city administration. The first event was devoted to data protection, and now the focus is on press and public relations work, and there will be another event to provide information on tax law.

Torsten geiling showed what club representatives can do to present their work to and for society. The listing of facts and figures is not enough to attract people’s attention and to convince them of the contents. "That’s why you need stories. They are the emotional link – also between club members and the general public. Telling stories can win hearts, change minds and achieve goals. This has now been scientifically proven." In the past, it was mainly the newspapers, but today social media are also important to reach the younger generation. Today, germans spend an average of seven hours a day with the media.

You also have to ask yourself: "which channel can I use to pick up my customers??", according to the former local editor of the "frankischer tag" and most recently editor-in-chief of the "nordbayerischer kurier.

Good pictures

Torsten geiling used numerous examples to illustrate the importance of good pictures, exciting stories and timely publication of contributions in the various media. A club’s group photo does not always convey the right message. Here it is also necessary to be creative and courageous. "Think about which photos you like to look at yourself. The garden fence or installation picture it is probably not." He also touched on important areas such as data protection and legal requirements, and gave an insight into the work of journalists. At the end there were ten tips for good press work. These ranged from a topic that was exciting and suitable for storytelling, was concise and to the point, to the W-questions "who, how, where, when, what and why".


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