Electro-festival and musiggfabrigg summer festival each postponed for a year

electro-festival and musiggfabrigg summer festival each postponed for a year

Bass threatens, the ground vibrates. People dance, have fun: celebrate. None of this will happen in hochstadt in 2020. Instead: a yawning emptiness on the square behind the fortuna culture factory.

Only last year, the organizers around georg niklas celebrated their premiere there with the pondsland festival – with success. Many hundreds of visitors danced in 2019 on the newly designed area around the old heating house. In january of this year, niklas and his colleagues then announced that on 11 january, he had been arrested.There will be a second edition of the festival in july 2020: "all this was not to be expected then." A little later the pre-sale started, but it ended abruptly with the government’s exit restrictions. "It was also like a lockdown in ticket sales", recalls georg niklas. Then he canceled the festival for this year due to the corona pandemic.

But the artists were already booked for the electro-festival, a deposit was already made. Among others, the dutch star DJ mike williams, cuebrick and fabian farell were to play in hochstadt.

In order for the festival to be held in 2021 instead of 2020, the organizers postponed it for exactly one year to saturday, 10. July 2021. "We had to see that we could get all the acts under one roof", declares niklas. At least for the three headliners mike williams, cuebrick and fabian farell this worked out, with further artists niklas is still in discussion.

But this means that the date falls on the very date that the "musiggfabrigg" was founded had reserved a room for their summer party. The festival also celebrated its premiere in 2019 and was scheduled to take place again in 2021. When niklas and his fellow organizers asked if the summer festival could be postponed, musiggfabrigg chairman markus moises and his colleagues thought long and hard about it. "Why don’t we also postpone everything for one year??", moises then asked herself. And so the summer festival will not take place until 2022. Next year, the musiggfabrigg will once again play at the hochstadter altstadtfest (old town festival).

An accommodation for which georg niklas of the pondsland festival is grateful: "otherwise we would have had a real problem." The tickets already purchased remain valid, but niklas promises more: "that’s the good thing: now we have one more year to plan it."

2021 the festival should be even more "aubenrum offer, because the organizers have "already got a lot on their minds", what they now want to implement in the coming year. So that the floor behind the fortuna kulturfabrik will soon be vibrating again and people will be dancing exuberantly.


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