Environmental award winner: grebner is proud to be different

environmental award winner: grebner is proud to be different

Albert grebner sits at the wheel of his lada in graugrun hunter’s gear and drives towards his fields on the outskirts of the village of jarkendorf. The full beard completes the image of the traditional hunter. It’s cold, it was minus degrees during the night, but now the sun is shining in the bright blue sky. "Today’s conservation day", grebner says, lets a moment pass and adds in passing: "but actually, every day is already." A laconic remark that gets to the heart of how the fed-up farmer sees the world. The 63-year-old loves nature. For him, it is a habitat, workplace and recreation at the same time. And that’s how he deals with it. Grebner recently received the environmental award of the district of kitzingen for his commitment.

Fairy lights and old tires in the field

Grebner has been a volunteer nature conservation warden for the lower nature conservation authority for 33 years. As such, he promotes contractual nature conservation programs to his fellow hunters and farmers. For example, they don’t mow their meadows until mid-june in return for financial compensation in case endangered partridges breed there.

As a nature conservation officer, he also tries to keep the landscape around jarkendorf tidy. "Illegally discarded gauze he is supposed to report it to the district administration office, but often he simply collects it himself, grebner says. From fairy lights to old tires to toilet bullets: the original jarkendorfer has already found everything possible. "People drive into the hallway in their cars and throw out what they can’t get into the garbage can."

According to grebner, the fact that these tasks are not performed by full-time employees, but by volunteers, only exists in the district of kitzingen. Most of the time, the office of the nature conservation warden, of which there is one in every village, is in the hands of farmers. Bert grebner, who owns over 19 hectares of land, has been involved from the start. "We know our way around better, have better local knowledge," says grebner, he says about the advantages of this kitzingen model.

A whole life like a vacation

As he drives by, grebner points to a horse standing lonely in a nearby pasture. It’s one of the two stallions he uses to pull wood for a living. Mainly in the area of gramschatz he takes orders to transport tree trunks with this old-fashioned but nature-saving method . Since he provides his own food, grebner takes care of about 50 animals a day in addition to this activity; he also grows fruit and vegetables. Apart from bread he does not have to buy food. "Thereby one is naturally accustomed, which concerns the qualitat." When he eats out, he already notices a difference.

In spite of his age, the self-employed man does not even think about stopping work in the near future: "I will never retire; I do not want to hear the word ‘retirement. As long as I am fit, my life will go on like this."

Grebner has never been on vacation

In any case, the father of two adult daughters has never taken a vacation in the classic sense. His whole life has been like a vacation, says grebner, who has never moved away from jarkendorf. He still gets around a lot in bavaria. As a member of the jagerprufungskommission. "I find it amusing." When he talks about the hunting exam, also known as the "green baccalaureate", when he speaks, you can sense his enthusiasm – his sincere joy at the fact that many young people currently want to learn more about nature again.

Grebner parks the car at the edge of the field path. While he talks about his work and how he will soon be planting hedges, field wood and fruit trees on 1.5 hectares of rough farmland in the interest of biodiversity, he occasionally spies animals in the distance. Then his eyes light up, he interrupts his thought and begins to tell about the fauna. No matter if it’s a hare or a harrier.

"The political stuff is not really my thing." Albert grebner, 1. Environmental award winner of the county of kitzingen 2018

With all love for the environment, the pithy farmer is no breadwinner of his own. On the contrary: the list of his offices and functions is long. Grebner is, among other things, chairman of the farmers’ association in jarkendorf, third chairman of the hunting association in kitzingen and head of the hunting club for the area of wiesentheid. In addition, he is passionate about music. Of course he plays the hunting horn.

And in the prichsenstadt city council grebner already sab – for the free voters. "I thought at the time that I would never get in." But the party colleagues did not let up. Regularly "plagued they had him running for office. In the end it worked out. But after five years, grebner had had enough: "politics isn’t really my thing."

The hunter and his dachshund

Grebner woman that he does not correspond to the zeitgeist with his appearance and lifestyle. But he is proud to be different. The most important thing for him is that "we don’t change nature even more to its disadvantage". When he won the environmental award, he received a lot of positive feedback from the public. In jarkendorf itself, this was kept to a minimum."The prophets often count for little in their own village", says grebner, slightly self-deprecatingly.

When he arrives back home, a whole pack of dogs is already burying him at the fence. Among them also several dachshunds. This he zuchtet namely. This also fits perfectly into the picture. The hunter and his dachshund. A cliche. But albert grebner is anything but typical, he is an original.


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