Even drawn from the drug scene

Even drawn from the drug scene

The defendant’s girlfriend waited outside the kulmbach district court with a queasy feeling. Bange asked her how the negotiation had turned out. "Only a fine, the defendant himself announced. The girlfriend fell around his neck, visibly relieved. 2000 euro the young man has to pay for his violation of the narcotics law. In addition, he bears the costs of the proceedings.
The fact that the 20-year-old, who originally comes from kronach, got off with this fine actually hung by a thread. For the offenses of which the young man was guilty weighed heavy. He had bought drugs 73 times and therefore had to answer to the cadi. The quantities that the young man had purchased between march and october 2017 were always between 0.1 and one gram. But the defendant bought and consumed not only cannabis and marijuana products, but also crystal meth, an extremely dangerous drug.
The 20-year-old, who has since left the district of kulmbach and started a regular life elsewhere with his new girlfriend, admitted the drug purchases without hesitation. He could no longer say how often he had bought drugs from his friends. But the accusations of the prosecution were probably true. To prove that he was serious about changing his lifestyle, he had helped to expose the drug suppliers, he said.
Last year, the defendant had the lowest point of his life. The relationship with his girlfriend at the time was at an end. Again and again there were quarrels. He had broken off an apprenticeship. Thereupon he tried his luck at a temporary employment agency. But even at his new job, it was over after four months. "I had the wrong friends at that time, the 20-year-old testified before the criminal court in kulmbach. Again and again he hung out with his friends and sought his happiness in drug consumption together with the others. Most of the time the accused consumed the drugs on the spot. "I blocked out all my problems with the intoxicating drug", he said, the man openly admitted. Today it is different. "I have finished with it. I moved away to avoid coming into contact with the drug scene in kulmbach", he said. In fact, he now has a permanent job and would like to start an apprenticeship. "It was not easy, but I have drawn a line", so the 20-year-old. The next target he liked was "his" driver’s license returned.
Prosecutor holger gebhardt had demanded that, in addition to a fine, a week’s permanent detention should be imposed. Defense attorney kerstin rieger did not see any pedagogical sense in it. "My client has started a new life. The arrest only brought him back into contact with old circles, with other delinquent youths. He has a job", according to the defense.
The criminal court, presided over by christoph berner, followed the motion of the defense. "Today we can no longer determine any harmful tendencies. It deserves a lot of respect that the defendant got out of the drug scene on his own", said, said judge christoph berner. Nevertheless, the high number of violations of the narcotics law demanded a hefty fine. The defendant should pay 2000 euros to the addiction work group.
The defendant accepted the verdict while still in the courtroom. The public prosecutor’s office also waived legal remedies.
Originally, the charge had also been intentional bodily harm. After an argument with his girlfriend at the time, the accused allegedly grabbed her by the hair, pinched her and pushed her against the wall. Moreover, the ex-girlfriend had stated to the police that the accused had choked her. The defendant admitted the fight, but denied the aggressive actions and the throwing. No proof could be provided. For this reason, this procedure was discontinued. The former girlfriend could not be summoned as a witness because her whereabouts are unknown.


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