Even pep guardiola wants futsal …

even pep guardiola wants futsal ...

The bavarian football association has decided on the guidelines for the indoor football season 2013/2014. According to this, the BFV is switching from classic indoor soccer to indoor soccer according to FIFA rules (futsal) for the bavarian indoor championships in both the youth and adult areas. Also at the final round of the bavarian indoor championship on sunday, 26. January in the HUK-coburg-arena futsal is played.

At the district and county level, the adult teams (men, women, seniors) are allowed to play with side and/or perimeter barriers and wide goals as an alternative to the rules this winter. In addition, the old rules of the last indoor season can still be used for the preliminary, intermediate and final rounds of the district championships in the transition year in the adult sector.
For private indoor tournaments, the association allows further flexible playing options: in the 2013/2014 indoor soccer season, for example, the game can be played either completely according to futsal rules or alternatively (permitted deviations) still with side or all-round barriers, rough goals, a normal indoor soccer ball and without accumulated fouls.

Whether, and if so, which deviations are applied, is decided by the clubs themselves. Private indoor tournaments can still be held completely according to the old rules, both in youth soccer and in adult soccer. In an interview with infranken.The BFV treasurer and chairman of the BFV indoor commission, jurgen faltenbacher from waldsassen, explains the background of the change, explains the main differences in the rules and describes the exceptions for the clubs.

Mr. Faltenbacher, why is the BFV switching from classic indoor soccer to futsal??
Jurgen faltenbacher: a continuation of the previous championship dualism with a parallel game of classic indoor soccer and futsal makes no sense for the clubs, the spectators or the association staff. The outlay was immense and effective sponsorship is only possible for one championship. Of course i know that the classic indoor fubball has a rough tradition in some regions of bavaria, but the fact is: futsal is the only official indoor variant worldwide, futsal is booming internationally and nationally, and the DFB demands the participation of bavaria. We can’t disagree with that, especially since there are really good arguments for futsal.

What are the arguments?
Futsal challenges our young players much better than classic indoor soccer. The futsal ball bounces less, making it easier to control the ball. So the focus for the actors is on technical skills. This is not my exclusive opinion, but is also seen by coaches such as pep guardiola, who is a great supporter of futsal and incorporates typical elements such as many ball contacts and combination play in a very confined space into his training work. The rules also make the game faster, and there is certainly less bollocking. The risk of injury is also much lower.

Nevertheless: the clubs are partly surprised by the changeover.
I can, completely independent of which opinion one has as a club to the futsal, honestly not completely understand. We have openly communicated for years that the change will come. For the indoor football, we have therefore long been on two tracks, to give the clubs maximum leeway for the transition and to make the transition easier. There are also clubs that have long since discovered futsal and regularly celebrate great successes. This also includes the youth of FC coburg.

Critics, on the other hand, predict the death of indoor soccer. No spectators, no atmosphere, no more spectacle…
Of course, futsal is still new and relatively unknown to many clubs in bavaria. What is unknown is usually viewed very critically at first, sometimes even dismissively. But let’s be honest: why should a team be cheered on less by its supporters in futsal than in classic indoor soccer?? The spectators are just as happy about goals, victories of their team and the one or other cabinet stucco of the players. Maybe a look abroad will help.

To what extent?
In europe spain is leading. There has been a professional futsal league here since 1989. The public interest is there, games are even broadcast live on TV. England reacted in 2008 and created the three-tier FA futsal league with currently 23 teams. France officially launched its futsal league in 2009. Germany is the only top soccer nation that does not yet have a league and a national futsal team.

What do you say to clubs that have bought expensive bands for their own tournaments and are now going on the barricades??
That they can continue to play with their gang at private indoor tournaments.

The new guidelines for indoor soccer do not apply to all tournaments?
Yes, in principle. There are, however, exceptions, with which we accommodate the clubs, especially for private indoor tournaments. There, alternatively, you can continue to play with side or perimeter boards, rough goals, a normal indoor soccer ball and without the rules on accumulated fouls. The associations can therefore decide for themselves whether to apply deviations and – if so – which ones. This applies to all, men, seniors, women, juniors and juniors. If you still want to play with a band, you don’t have to constantly put up and take down the bands, as is sometimes feared, if you have several tournaments on one weekend. And there is for all in this indoor season still the special option to play according to the indoor guidelines of the last winter. However, the situation is different for the official indoor tournaments.


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