Every time he reached for the bottle, something was broken

In the middle of the night he struck. On friday morning in the district court, there was talk of a man who had tampered with the display case in the train station. Not just like that, but heavily intoxicated and with consequences now for his own wallet.

It was summer, the 20. July 2019. Since he had spent the whole day at the station square and had been drinking there, the 44-year-old from lichtenfels had drunk twelve beers in the course of the day. Or the equivalent: two per mille. This value was determined by the police at around 6 p.M. After the man went on a rampage at an access barrier at a building and brought it out of its anchorage. Damage: 250 euros.

"Out of boredom we sat and drank at the train station", the man told judge alexander zenefels about his lifestyle that day. Out of sudden anger he had "a short-circuited action the defendant said he had committed the crime. He mistakenly thought that his bike had been stolen. The joke: in reality, one of his neighbors had taken his bike so that it wouldn’t be stolen.

But just ten days later, the man from lichtenfels became conspicuous again, only a hundred meters away and inside the lichtenfels train station. Again under the influence of alcohol he smashed two showcases and caused damage in the amount of 1000 euros.

"Twice within ten days they had such a crash – do they have that more frequently?", zenefels inquired about the incident and received the answer that such things had not happened since then. In their assessment of what happened, prosecutor johannes trankle and judge alexander zenefels went in the same direction, albeit to different sentences. Trankle demanded a fine of 900 euros because of the damage to property committed, but zenefels ultimately decided on 500 euros in his verdict. The convicted man has to pay damages anyway.

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