False claims against the bypass

Regarding reporting on the niederndorf bypass:

After decades of discussions, decisions in the city council with a large majority, planning, the investigation of possible alternatives and expert opinions, the planning approval documents for a bypass around niederndorf and neuses have finally been submitted. I, too, could hope that in the foreseeable future our martyrdom, caused by ex-treme truck, bus and car traffic, would come to an end.

Self-appointed traffic experts now claim to know a lot better and want to clear things up. A spokeswoman for the BI who is obviously unfamiliar with the area demands u.A. An intelligent traffic control system to divert traffic onto already busy streets and bus priority lanes, even though there are no bus lanes.

The whole thing culminates in a leaflet with signature lists distributed in herzogenaurach, which is peppered with nothing but cheap sleight of hand. A child on a bicycle is shown without comment. A quote on sustainability taken out of context and giving the impression that the fa. Schaeffler is against the southern bypass.

Self-cobbled photomontages are printed that show unrealistically crude prints, although professionally produced, true-to-scale photomontages exist. The opponents preferred to use the taxpayers' money for the.A. For four huge parking lots at the city entrances (u.A. At burgstall, in front of neuses) and spend for ten additional buses for a park-and-ride system, although there are already enough parking spaces and parking garages at the three world companies.

Of course, no information is given as to how many hectares of land will be needed for the planned four rough "park-and-ride" lots and the desired 50 kilometers of bicycle paths – my estimate is 15 to 20 hectares, which is twice as much as is needed for the bypass. As a passionate cyclist, I am also in favor of the expansion of cycle paths, but from a traffic safety perspective.

Due to the weather conditions in our region, it is completely unrealistic to believe that this will significantly reduce car traffic. However, it is absurd that concrete figures are given for the volume of traffic in selected streets in the year 2035.

Regarding. The flyer falsely claims that the bypass will only reduce traffic by two to three percent, but that it will do much more for herzogenaurach. The fact that in the medium term, due to the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles and the reduction of traffic jams, CO2 emissions on the bypass will be reduced, is not mentioned either, but the opposite is claimed. For the extremely noisy and dangerous truck traffic, not a single realistic alternative is shown, because there is none to the southern bypass. Only the improbable wishful thinking of reducing part of the truck traffic by transferring it to the urban bypass is written down in a completely uncoordinated way.

Some of the numerous proposals of the opponents can at best be seen as selective additions to the southern bypass. They certainly do not solve the traffic problems in niederndorf, neuses and herzogenaurach .

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