Fireworks manufacturers warn of “death throes” for the industry

Fireworks manufacturers warn of

The renewed ban on fireworks on new year's eve decided by the federal and state governments means, according to the boller manufacturers, "in all probability the death knell for the entire fireworks industry in germany". The 3000 employees in the industry are threatened with unemployment, warned the pyrotechnic industry association (VPI) on thursday. "With the decision against fireworks, the federal and state governments have risked, on the basis of misplaced panic, that it could now be finally over for our industry," said VPI chairman thomas schreiber.

Legal new year's eve fireworks do not cause problems in the emergency rooms on new year's eve, nor do they aggravate the situation in the intensive care units, said schreiber. "The problems are excessive alcohol consumption and illegal fireworks products."

Klaus Gotzen, executive director of the VPI, said: "this is a symbolic ban on our backs and without effect." In the process, an entire industry is left to itself and the threat of insolvency.


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