Franken brau: the next jolt

Franken brau: the next jolt

For weeks, frankenbrau has been in the headlines again and again. First, a facebook post by the brewery during the kronach schutzenfest caused unrest. The first recall action followed only a few days later, and two more within the next nine weeks. Due to a lack of drivers, the brewery is now forced to discontinue the home delivery service. The next setback.

The turbulence of the past few weeks does not seem to have left rainer mohr entirely unscathed. Nevertheless, the owner of the neundorf brewery seems comparatively composed. In an adjoining room of the brewery, he sits on the corner bench with his shoulders slumped, clutching his coffee cup with both hands. "We’ve been delivering pranks to customers’ homes for 50 years in some cases, he recalls the long tradition of personal deliveries. These are now a thing of the past.

No more beer in front of the house

In recent times, it has become increasingly difficult to find truck drivers. Several times the position was advertised, several times interested people came to try out the work. Neundorf brewery nevertheless did not acquire new home service drivers. "The delivery of the potion is a heavy physical activity that is too hard for many people", admits mohr. For the customers, the home service drivers were trusted people who even carried the boxes to the basement or to the second floor. "People knew what day and time their driver would be with them."

The remaining four drivers have quit, the trucks will be sold. "It’s impossible to bridge the gap, for staffing reasons we have no choice but to discontinue the home delivery service effective immediately.", regrets mohr in an interview with the frankischer tag.

The oasis of well-being taken

But why did the drivers announce almost at the same time? A competitor from the region has made a strong contribution to this, says mohr. Because the latter had not only actively poached customers, but also his drivers. "In the normal geschaft everyone must see where he remains. But when someone is in a bad way, you don’t step up to the plate again", he says disappointedly. It was precisely because of the many years of loyalty of the frankenbrau customers, for whom he was very grateful, that the decision was not easy for him.

A decision that mohr could hardly have imagined when he took over the brewery in 2015. At that time still dominated the coarse plane. "I wanted to put the brewery on a sound footing and increase output," he says, he emphasizes. "I never wanted to fire people." The change in management was followed by modernizations that relieved the staff and investments in occupational safety. Mohr thinks that he has deprived some employees of their oasis of comfort.

Since january, the brewery has increasingly had to contend with sabotage, says mohr. "On the beer tanks was suddenly air instead of carbonic acid, which provides for the shelf life." In the following months and at the kronach schutzenfest, the events had piled up. "Once a screw joint was unscrewed, so that the brewery was flooded the next day", reports mohr.

It is unclear whether the brewery will be able to recover from the damage to its image. Mohr hopes for the support of customers, for whom frankenbrau has always been there: "just like in a marriage, you should be there for each other in good times and bad. In the bad years the mutual support is unfortunately often forgotten."

Due to the first two recall campaigns, franken brau has already suffered losses of around 250000 euros. "33 batches are affected by the new recall, the extent of the damage cannot yet be estimated", says mohr. Some of the recalled goods left the brewery a year ago. Folders pile up on the corner bench next to mohr, and even on the floor.

Womoglich even some that had not even had to be created. The first two recalls were unnecessary, says alfred hagen meyer, the brewery’s lawyer. "The beer bottles that were handed in as complaint samples at the district offices in forchheim and hof were broken or cracked in both cases, and were therefore not at all suitable as evidence."

Defective equipment

In addition, investigations by the state office had shown that the cleaning liquors did not originate from the brewery. The reason for the recall action initiated on monday was the temporary failure of the brewery’s own detection device (we reported). "The bottles are cleaned with lye, rinsed with water and then dried with high pressure. The detection device then checks whether there are any residues of the cleaning solution in the bottles", meyer explains the function of the fancy device. The renewed recall is a purely precautionary measure. Meyer stressed that there was no new complaint and no evidence that the beer bottles contained lye residue.

The failed detection system not only checks the bottles in which the company’s own beer is bottled, but also the frucade brand beverages. "The frankenbrau is a regional wage absorber of the rosenheim company and produces the potion according to the specifications", reports meyer. Beverages of the brand are produced, bottled and distributed locally by local breweries nationwide.

A fight every day

Despite the renewed jolt, the brewery continues to fight. For every customer. And that the 500. Anniversary of the brewery can take place next year. "All employees who are still there are fighting day by day", mohr describes the current situation. A struggle he hopes will soon pay off – and customers will once again be able to drink his beer without worries. Without the worry in the back of their minds, the bottle in their hands could contain lye.


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