Fridays in burggrub are prayers for the future

Fridays in Burggrub are prayers for the future

To the 30. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the border between burggrub and neuhaus-schierschnitz, the ecumenical community in the lower hablach valley met for the first time at the border and peace chapel in burggrub to pray for the preservation of creation under the motto "friday prayers for future" to pray.

"We do not want to demonstrate, but to pray! We want to take our concern for the future of our planet and our children to the victim", according to co-initiator andrea kraus from stockheim.

Above all, they want to ask for peace in this world of war, hatred, envy, misery and oppression. Finally, the chapel inaugurated in 1992 on the site of the former "iron curtain" – built by the burggrub chapel building association – a visible expression of hope for a peaceful world. "That is why this is a special day for all of us."

The first friday prayer with singing and music took place especially against the background of a climate change that has been going on for years and that ultimately poses a threat to the now 7.7 billion human beings. The result: considerable loss of land and millions of climate refugees.

Among those praying were pastor michael foltin and deacon diethard nemmert from mitwitz, as well as the chairwoman of the chapel building association, angelika rosenbauer-chukwu. The musical decoration was provided by raphael hausdorfer with his guitar. With thoughtful words, pastor foltin reminded everyone of their responsibility for the environment. "The lifestyle, diet and consumption patterns of the population will also play a major role in determining the extent to which global warming can be slowed down by reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Christians are called upon to set an example of renunciation, which is not necessarily to be seen as a reduction in prosperity and quality of life, but which results in a practical sparing of god’s bounty, according to the spiritual leader.

The friday prayer was not only about saving mother earth, which "like a precious diamond, must be regarded as a unique selling point in the infinity of the universe according to the findings to date", but also about the message of peace. Pastor detlef sibbor, one of the driving forces behind the chapel construction project – he died unexpectedly in 1992 – had written the following a few months earlier: "the chapel at the former border near burggrub will be a house of prayer for faith in jesus, for strength for humanity and for peace. We need places like this. They are a signpost and a point of orientation, a place of reflection and peace, a place to talk to god. They are a sign of christ and the peace that came with him into the world."

Date is still determined

The friday prayer was introduced with the sound of the peace bell from neuhaus-schierschnitz. "Friday prayers for future will be repeated according to angelika rosenbauer-chukwu’s message. A date has yet to be set.


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