Gauck goes on the offensive

Gauck goes on the offensive

"I can’t believe that some people don’t know about the stasi."In general, today’s europe lacks a confrontation with the eastern europe of the cold war. "In europe right now, people are pretending that there is only a memory of a west german history, but not also an east european one."

The reading from his new book was gauck’s first public appearance since he was nominated as a candidate for the office of head of state. Early next week, the former head of the stasi files authority, who himself does not belong to any party, will meet in berlin with the leaders of the cdu, fdp, spd and grun. A meeting with the left was also under discussion. This saturday he plans to attend a meeting of the CDU in north rhine-westphalia.

In berlin on monday morning, the 72-year-old goes to the CDU’s federal executive committee meeting first thing. He is then expected to meet with the SPD executive committee. On tuesday, gauck then wants to visit the factions of union, SPD, FDP and grunen. The left also liked to talk to him. She was the only party represented in the bundestag not included by merkel in the search for a candidate. "We will invite mr. Gauck as a matter of course," party leader klaus ernst told the "leipziger volkszeitung" newspaper. "Then the points on which we disagree will also come up, for example, his pro-bank stance in the financial crisis."

Gauck’s spokesman andreas schulze told the deutsche presse-agentur: "then we will find a date for the left in a timely manner." In a top round the left had decided on thursday to make its own candidate proposal. The decision will probably be made on monday. In conversation are nazi hunter beate klarsfeld, coln poverty researcher christoph butterwegge and member of the bundestag luc jochimsen. The left represents about 10 percent of the electorate in the federal assembly.

Gauck will change the course of politics in germany as federal president, according to wolfgang kubicki, chairman of the FDP in kiel. "A new powerhouse is emerging," he told "focus online". "I am sure that a federal president gauck will do germany good. He will be good for democracy, because the public dominance of angela merkel will diminish."

Even before his nomination, gauck himself expressed the opinion that the federal president should "not pull a show". In a now published interview of the ARD culture magazine "ttt – titel, thesen, temperamente" he said: "at the "institution bundesprasident", where hardly any power exists, we expect credibility. How to obtain it? One should be with oneself. One should not pull a show. And one may show that one takes seriously the values on which our society, our country, is based."


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