Grune before second probe: “this is no child’s play here”

Grune before second probe: 'this is no child's play here'

“What we are doing here is not a child”s play, it is about the question that the federal republic of germany needs a reliable government,” said party leader cem ozdemir. “Maybe the chancellor will surprise us, maybe mr. Seehofer will surprise us with something.”

The top candidate in the bundestag election campaign, jurgen trittin, said the citizens had a right to know "why something works or why something doesn"t work. In the talks with the union on thursday, there had been no such rough assumption that schwarz-grun seemed probable. "The first round did not make me more optimistic about this."

Ozdemir affirmed: "I assume that a final assessment will be made tomorrow."The yardstick is whether sufficient steps toward ecological modernization and an open society seem possible.

In consultations of the green party council, there was broad agreement that it did not look like black-green – no matter which projects were considered, it was said in the circles of participants. Outgoing party leader claudia roth stressed that the greens were not making themselves compatible with any partners from the CDU or CSU.

Left-wingers want to propose their own motion at the grunen party conference this weekend for red-red-green exploratory talks. "It would be wrong to have only the one red-green option again in four years," party council member gesine agena told the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa). "But it"s still up to us to talk to each other," party council member rasmus andresen said. Agena: "thematically, there are rough intersections."

But the left-wing greens saw that red-red-green was not an option for the SPD at the moment. Deputy barbel hohn spoke of a mistake by the SPD not to talk to the left as well. Trittin said: "as long as the SPD refuses to do that, you can have a friendly coffee with gregor gysi, but that would not be a probe."

Ozdemir said: "i would like the SPD to get the left-wing party out of its comfort zone"."In concrete discussions, it then became clear what the left thought of the debt brake, for example.

Hesse’s head of government tarek al-wazir, who is currently holding talks with the SPD and left-wing parties as well as the CDU in his state, told dpa that his first option for hesse was with the three parties that had already said before the election that they wanted a change of policy. The left-wing party, however, is frightened by the idea of having to govern. His second option is black-green. The question here is "whether the CDU could move so far toward us in terms of content that it would be feasible".

Trittin, hohn, former party leader renate kunast and rebecca harms, head of the grunen party in the european parliament, reject criticism by winfried kretschmann, prime minister of baden-wurttemberg, that the grunen had lost their way. "The learning from the defeat cannot pass baden-wurttemberg by," said harms.


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