Helpers do not need to be afraid

Helpers do not need to be afraid

Finding a stem cell donor is not so easy. Maybe it is a little bit because of the description of the process of collecting these stem cells. The one possibility seems to be contractual, in which the necessary amount of stem cells is taken from the flowing blood, a process comparable to dialysis. And then there is the way of taking bone marrow from the iliac crest. But this requires two days in the clinic and a collection under general anesthesia. And that seems to be more of a deterrent.
Gert model from herzogenaurach finds fear unnecessary. He has already donated cells himself and he knows that it is not so bad. "It takes just over four hours and then everything is done." He has the variant "bloodwash" get. Well over 80 percent receive this treatment in order to obtain the stem cells. Whereby the so-called "stanzen", the collection from the spinal cord is also rather unspectacular, but more time-consuming.

It is so easy to donate

Everything before that was basically quite simple. "The typing takes place either through a blood sample or the swab from the mouth." But already at this point it should be clear that the project is "no pellet", emphasizes model. Then it can happen that nothing happens. That you are not a donor for the current request (in this case for jakob), at first. But since the data is then stored by the german bone marrow donor registry (DKMS), the data may later become relevant.
Model, who was typed in 1999, donated his stem cells 13 years later. "You will receive a letter stating that you are a suitable donor. Then it's off to the family doctor, who checks you again and only then is an appointment made at the hospital." There is also another routine examination to check the state of health. "The only thing you will have to do is to get injections." These are similar to thrombosis injections, which are supposed to stimulate the release of stem cells into the blood. "And if someone has problems with injecting, then I'm happy to come along", explains model laughing. "This is really the lesser part, when you know that you can save a life with your donation.
A good feeling that makes you forget the four hours in the hospital. There, a blood wash filters the desired material out of the blood. A good feeling that makes you forget that you might be "dulling" the hospital a little left with possible mild flu symptoms or back pain as a side effect of the injections.

It is about human life

One thing is still important for model: "who decides for this way, must be conscious that he enters into something." When the letter comes, then the individual must also take the next step "because then a human being is waiting for these cells".
Which, by the way, you do not get to know at first. Data protection, patient protection, donor protection all play a role here. After two years, it can come to a meeting if both parties involved want it to happen. Model female knows about the recipient of his donation. By chance and even today associated with many emotions. The DKMS only told him that it was a girl of 14 years and that she lived in belgium. For this girl model has donated twice. He was typed in 1999, at the age of 24. Birthday. To date, he has persuaded a number of people to donate. "I have an important argument: you or members of your family or friends can also be affected. And then they need stem cells." That is certainly reason enough.

And one needs the donation

Jakob is a happy boy who likes to hang out with his friends, play the drums and have fun with his soccer team. But his future is uncertain, because the eleven-year-old from niederndorf has already been suffering from blood cancer for a year. Now it is clear: only a stem cell transplant can save his life.
However, no suitable donor has yet been found for him anywhere in the world. Despite the terrible diagnosis, jakob doesn't give up: he wants to beat cancer and enjoy the normal life of a budding teenager. To help him and all blood cancer patients worldwide, family and friends organize a registration campaign.
This will take place on saturday, 30. September, from 12 to 5 p.M. At the cunz-reyther elementary school in niederndorf. Around the school street 19, however, there is a shortage of parking spaces, so the organizers ask that the possible donors on the spot, park widely or make their way without a car. Parking will be available on the lawn behind the elementary school.
Jakob and his family hope for a lively participation. DKMS itself has been able to reduce the cost of registration to 35 euros by constantly developing the typing process in its own laboratory. These are not paid for by the people who are being typed. But even the health system does not take this over. Donations are being collected to create a database that is as complete as possible.
The stem cell donor gert model explains: "I'm worried about it. To fly to the moon, millions are paid, to save several human lives, no donors can be found for these amounts."


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