Herbert panzer crowned new “wanderkonig

The chairwoman of the local group of the frankenwaldverein (V), jessica deuerling-feil, looked back on numerous activities in the past year at the annual general meeting. Especially the mountain festival was a great success.

After two new members, five resignations and ten deaths, she put the number of members at 202 as of 31 december 2018. December 2018. The many deaths showed that the demographic change had also caught up with the frankenwaldverein: "in the future, we must try to inspire more young people." More focus should therefore be placed on membership recruitment this year. She hopes to inspire more people to join the frankenwaldverein by offering reduced annual dues for families (25 euros) and single parents (18 euros).

Jessica deuerling-feil also called for thoughts on how to fill the positions in next year’s elections. The positions of the second chairman, the cashier as well as the hut and the wegewarts became free.

Second chairman walter deuerling informed that in the past year the participation in the migrations had been very small. With only four hikes only 20 different persons had been present in total. As a "hiking king he announced to herbert panzer, who had covered the most kilometers.

Huttenwart wilfried deuerling reported that some trees near the wanderhutte had to be cut down because of kaferbefall. The hat was used for eleven days.

Trail warden peter wahlich said the trails have been re-certified and approved without defect. The network of trails for the V steinwiesen is 75 kilometers, which he completely clears three times a year and maintains with signs and cuttings. Wahlich has now been in the service of the V for over 50 years and since 1957 has marked more paths than he can pay for. He steps down next year.

Already on easter monday, 22. April, takes place the easter hat day with easter search and many games for the children. Walter deuerling referred to a work session on friday, 12. April, from 3 p.M. At rollenberg. Meeting place is the property deuerling, am rollenberg 1.

Mayor gerhard wunder said that hiking had the most potential in the upper rodach valley. Therefore, the forest experience days were also very well received. "But we still need good wanderfuhrers for these actions." Sd

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