Housing estate: committee remains with the no

Once again, the members of the weisendorf building and environmental committee rejected the new construction of a residential complex with six residential units and eleven parking spaces on monchweg. Already on 18. On february the committee had refused the municipal consent. As mayor heinrich sub explained in the most recent meeting, the developer had submitted plans for a gable roof with a 30-degree pitch instead of the extended penthouse with a flat roof, and the attic was not to be extended.

Building body too rough?

In the discussion, gunther vogel (BWG) criticized the coarseness of the building, which did not fit in at all with the surroundings, and each parking space had to be accessible. Norbert maier (grune) saw no serious changes in the new planning. He also criticized the massiveness of the structure and, like gunther vogel, announced his rejection. The building committee then unanimously followed the proposal for a resolution not to grant the municipal consent. The marked parking spaces could not all be recognized.

The construction of a single-family house and four duplexes on wiesenweg was also discussed by the building and environment committee in february. The single-family house with garage was rejected at the time because the combined sewer would have been built over.

Development important

Since the building is now to be smaller and only one parking space is to be created in the area of the combined sewer, the committee gave its approval. Condition: the development must be contractually regulated.

The committee only wants to approve the four semi-detached houses if the municipal sewer is not overbuilt. Here, too, access is planned via a private road.

A machine hall on ringstrabe in the oberlindach district is to be raised by 40 centimeters. The wall height towards the street will be 3.40 meters, the wall height towards the courtyard exactly four meters. The mono-pitch roof will be covered with red profiled sheet metal.

The new construction of a single-family home is planned for mitteldorfer weg. The municipal consent had already been granted on 18. February has been granted. Currently no garage is planned.

Instead, two open parking spaces will be created in the northwest. For the access road the curb must be lowered. Since this is not provided for in the development plan, the builders have to bear the costs.

Ridge direction is turned

For the construction of another single-family house on schlegelsbergstrabe, exemptions from the provisions of the development plan had to be approved as well. The rotation of the ridge direction is essential here. Sae

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