Irritant gas shot in the face: sec deployment in nurnberger sudstadt

Irritant gas shot in the face: sec deployment in nurnberger sudstadt

According to police reports, two men got into an argument at a restaurant in wodanstrabe in nurnberg on saturday night. Both were heavily intoxicated. One of the men, a 54-year-old, abruptly shot irritant gas into the face of his opponent. By the time the police arrived, both brawlers had already moved away.

In the course of the manhunt, the 47-year-old man could be found in the vicinity. He was very uncooperative due to his alcoholic state, complained of pain in the eye, but refused any medical treatment.

A witness was finally able to identify the "irritant gas shield" and state that this one probably lives in the immediate vicinity. Since the man is alleged to have shot the irritant gas with a gun, a group of special forces was called in to arrest the suspect in the early hours of the morning.

The 54-year-old man was arrested without resistance. Various weapons and ammunition were found in his apartment for which he does not have a permit. He was charged with dangerous bodily harm and violation of the weapons law and was released after being dealt with.


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