Known from “hollow of the lows”: math app turns students into multimillionaires

Known from

For maxim nitsche, mathematics is simply already. A wonderful world where everything is logical and makes sense. "That has a certain elegance in an increasingly complex world", he says. Maxim nitsche is 22 years old. His fascination with numbers, formulas and solutions has just made him and his brother raphael (21) multi-millionaires. The berlin brothers sold their math app to chegg, a listed u.S. Learning company, for 12.5 million euros. And what comes now?

Three million downloads

Maxim nitsche presents himself as if the immensely increased volume of his account fascinates him less than the youngest download balance of their app "math 42". Since the sale was finalized in mid-october, the deal of the young math lovers has made headlines and thus free advertising. "Three million downloads, especially in germany, the u.S., russia and china", says nitsche. "This is an overwhelming feeling." He is not only interested in ringing cash registers. Until now, it cost about two euros a month to use the app for students. Soon it will be free, say the inventors. That was entirely in their interest.

For maxim nitsche it's about sharing the beauty of mathematics with frustrated students. "Math is taught wrong", he judges. "It's not just about memorizing formulas." Mathematics is a way of thinking to approach a problem in a structured way. Step by step, in a context and always under the question: why am i doing this?? That's exactly what the app helps with. And they spare their parents' money for math tutoring. This is also important to them, emphasize the brothers.

Brothers are math geniuses

They learned to think in a structured way right from the start. In a family of math professors, they started playing chess at the age of four. Your father tinkered with chess computers. "Family celebrations like christmas always include thinking sports", adds nitsche. The brothers gave early math tutoring. As a teenager, they grew into the world of mobile computers and smartphones for everyone – and came up with the idea of the app. Her father first required his sons, who were still in school, to write a business plan. Raising venture capital via a private television show failed at first. The app nevertheless found its users, step by step.

"Math 42" it is not by chance. The number is an allusion to douglas adams' science fiction classic "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. 42 is simply the answer to everything there. "We want that too", says maxim nitsche mischievously. That's another reason why they didn't sell their app for a long time. They did not let her go even with her million dollar deal. The brothers are now part of the international chegg group and work as idea developers in the berlin office. She dropped out of math school for the first time. "Such a chance comes only once in a lifetime", says the 22 year old math fan. Study – that still goes.

And the millions? "We don't buy expensive cars now", assures maxim nitsche. The family is currently discussing charitable investments. Chess youth work was high on the agenda when they first thought about it.


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