Kunststuck in kasendorf: water fee does not have to be increased

The dissolution of the water association peestener gruppe has taken almost a decade. At the most recent meeting of the municipal council, the head of the administration, herbert schmidt, presented the final accounts and surprised the members of the body.

According to schmidt, the result of the complicated calculation procedure was that the market town of kasendorf still had to receive 7,000 euros. With the dissolution of the special-purpose association, the high-thresholders and the plant assets had to be sold off.

Four member communities

Higher residual values were calculated in the member municipalities where pipelines and structural facilities had been renewed. "Every municipality – in addition to kasendorf, thurnau, mainleus and kulmbach – has voted down the values. We were involved in this matter for ten years", explained the head of administration.

The dismantling of the well in peesten, which is no longer needed, also had to be factored in. This has once again delayed the final settlement by years. However, the reconstruction was more favorable than initially thought. This brilliant final point of the special purpose association now has a direct impact on the recalculation of water rates for 2015 to 2018 and on the recalculation from 2019 to 2022.

"When the association was dissolved, we were in the dark, we didn't know what was being consumed and how high the losses would be. But everything has developed more positively than expected", according to herbert schmidt. In 2016 there was even an over-recovery of 23,000 euros.

The old statutes continue to apply

And this "plus lower the price in the future, even though electricity prices are expected to rise, even though the network has grown larger, and even though operating expenses are also expected to rise.

The market kasendorf will be able to leave the water fee at 1.53 euro per cubic meter also in the future. The old statutes can continue to apply.

Also the rent for the payers remain, decided the market municipal councils unanimously. Kasendorf lies with the price of 1.53 euros county-wide in the lower range, was pleased burgermeister bernd steinhauser (CSU).

Municipal council in short

Building application tanja and robin muller wanted to build a single-family house in zultenberger strabe. The municipal council has unanimously approved the building application. In addition, the kasendorf market town councils also decided positively on a preliminary application for the construction of a bungalow in heubsch. However, the developers themselves will have to provide public access to the land at the back and register rights of way. There will be no winter road maintenance on the private road in the future. The mullabfuhr will not use it either.

Donations in the past year, private individuals and local companies have supported the market kasendorf with 5477 euro. 2768 euros were earmarked for the fire department, 2768 euros for the gregorius festival, 475 euros for the dance lime tree in peesten and 440 euros for other things. The year before, donations had amounted to just under 4000 euros.

The kasendorf council gave the green light for an inquiry from the company NGN fiber network KG from aubstadt. The company wants to connect the mobile radio mast in neudorf to the fiber optic infrastructure along highway 70 and has to lay cables in the public road areas for this purpose. The condition is that the paths must be restored to their original condition after completion of the construction work.

Signboard the kasendorf company ait and maja decided to put up a signboard at heubsch's house. This is to prevent trucks from getting lost on small roads or even getting stuck in the local area. Since the sign is erected on public road land, the municipal councils approved the special use and concluded a use agreement with the state of bavaria. A cost transfer declaration was also passed.

Data protection with regard to the new basic data protection regulation, the market town of kasendorf will in future cooperate with the district of kulmbach, the city of kulmbach and the other district municipalities. The market town councils approved a corresponding special-purpose agreement. 4.02 euros per inhabitant per year. Kasendorf thus let the data security cost 9934 euro in the year.

Fire protection the market town of kasendorf granted the local fire department a subsidy of 150 euros. The money is to be used to equip the new children's fire department.

Rounding off the council had no objections to the planned town rounding-off statutes of the market town of wonsees. The people of wonsee wanted to clear the way for building projects in grobenhul and gelbsreuth.


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