Lichtenfels: truck crashes into mowing truck

Accident on the road between mistelfeld and lichtenfels near the hospital – on friday at about 11 o’clock a truck "drove almost unbraked into a vehicle of the bamberg state construction office", reports the lichtenfels police. The employees of the construction office were carrying out milling work on the right side of the road (in the direction of lichtenfels).

Lichtenfels district: unchecked ramp-up

According to witnesses, the truck driver wanted to overtake the construction office vehicle. The driver presumably made a mistake while overtaking and crashed into the rear of the mowing vehicle. "He pushed the vehicle about five meters forward", the lichtenfels police explain.

All three people involved in the accident suffered minor injuries in the collision: bruises and injuries to the cervical spine. The two employees of the bamberg municipal construction office and the truck driver were taken to the lichtenfels hospital for examination.

Road closure continues – fire departments regulate traffic

The closure will last until the afternoon hours, as the two vehicles have to be removed and taken away. "The tow trucks were organized by the parties involved in the accident themselves", says the police lichtenfels.

Around 50,000 euros in damage was probably caused in the accident. That could be determined however only afterwards more exactly. How expensive the devices on the vehicle of the building authority are and how much they were damaged, could not be said at the moment.

Fire departments from lichtenfels and mistelfeld were involved in the accident. With a total of around 20 men, they blocked off the surrounding roads and intersections so that traffic was stopped before the scene of the accident.


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