Many innovations for the ifa launch

Many innovations for the ifa launch

In berlin, deutsche telekom and vodafone gave the go-ahead to accelerate the roll-out of LTE networks so that they are available to everyone. Up to now, LTE has been used in this country primarily to eliminate the weak spots in internet broadband coverage in rural areas. This is what the politicians had prescribed for the mobile radio companies when they were awarded licenses in spring 2010. In the meantime this duty task is fulfilled. At the IFA, deutsche telekom presented the first LTE rate for its smartphone customers.

Several million people in germany are already covered by the turbo mobile network, at least in theory. Vodafone talks of "17 million households in germany" for which an LTE network is available. Telecom refers to "ten million people in rural areas". Of these households, however, only a fraction have an LTE contract. Therefore, telekom, vodafone& co. Now in the cities where current mobile networks are bursting at the seams. Vodafone announced a nationwide LTE network by 2015.

Samsung used the berlin technology fair for a veritable flood of premieres a few days after its bitter patent defeat by apple in the u.S. The sudkoreans announced the very first smartphone with the new microsoft operating system windows phone 8 and presented a camera based on the google platform android with 16 megapixels, as well as several tablets and the ubergrobe phone galaxy note II.

The windows 8 phone is part of a new series of devices – from smartphones to tablets to notebooks – that samsung is marketing under the name ativ. The ativ S, like other ativ products, is scheduled for market launch later this year. With their announcement, the sudkoreans beat microsoft's partner nokia, which is expected to launch its first device with windows phone on september 5. Which is expected to introduce its first device with windows phone 8 on september 5. However, there were no closer details or a demonstration yet. Microsoft's new windows 8 operating system is scheduled to be available from 26. The new windows phone will be available on october, and windows phone 8 is also expected to be released in the near future.

Other manufacturers such as sony, toshiba, asus and lenovo also showed new computer devices in berlin. One trend is the merging of device classes: this year, there are many hybrid models that can be used either as a tablet or a notebook.

This year, however, the main focus of the trade show will once again be on tv rates. The industry is still divided about some technical innovations. Samsung and LG show rough tvs with OLED displays, which provide a better picture, but are still much more expensive. From panasonic's point of view, however, this is still too early: "OLED does not yet seriously fit into the mass market," panasonic europe boss laurent abadie told dpa. OLED will coexist with LCD for a long time to come.


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