Mittelschulverband munnerstadt: two votes are enough for helmut blank

Just in time for the start of the school year, the association assembly of the munnerstadt secondary school association was constituted. The association consists of the former middle schools in munnerstadt and in nudlingen. In the first meeting at the freiherr-von lutz school, the association’s statutes and bylaws were adopted, as well as a budget for the rest of the calendar year. In addition, the assembly elected munnerstadt mayor helmut blank (CSU) as chairman and his nudlingen colleague harald hofmann (CSU) as his deputy. Both received two-thirds of the votes cast.

The elections were held in strict secrecy with ballots, a screened voting booth, and a ballot box secured with a padlock. The mayors stefan bierdimpfl (munnerstadt) and stefan funk (nudlingen) nevertheless needed only a few minutes to conduct the elections. The association assembly currently consists of only four members, one of whom could not be present. The members from munnerstadt are mayor helmut blank and city councilors michael kastl (CSU) and leo pfennig (independent), from nudlingen only mayor harald hoffmann. The community has 47 middle school students, for a

Second representative in the assembly she needs three more pupils.

Helmut blank chairman

As both michael kastl and his deputy were unable to attend the meeting, there were only three eligible voters present. Helmut blank received two votes, the third ballot was blank and therefore invalid. Harald hoffmann had exactly the same result. Both mayors accepted the election. Their term of office ends in april 2020, when their mayoral term also ends. At a subsequent meeting of the association’s assembly, another deputy is to be elected to chair the meetings if both the chairman and his deputy are unable to attend. The election of a three-member audit committee was postponed until the next meeting in the fall.

Before the association’s bylaws were adopted with the votes of all three members of the association’s assembly present, there was some discussion. The bylaws provide that the association may hire civil servants. However, leo pfennig opposed this in vain, arguing that "we want a signal that we will not hire our own civil servants and personnel for this purpose". The two mayors outvoted him. The draft of the statutes stated that the association levy to be paid would be based on the number of schools, but that a different arrangement could be made with a two-thirds majority. Leo pfennig prevailed. The possibility of making an alternative arrangement was eliminated.

Discussions on rules of procedure

There were also discussions about the association’s bylaws. Here were harald hoffmann some approaches for the management of budgetary funds, for over- and above-budget expenditures, etc. Too low. He wanted to grant higher amounts to the association chairman. It is not about a municipal parliament, but about a school: "otherwise, the association assembly meets every five minutes." Hoffmann partially prevailed.

Abbreviated budget 2018 passed unanimously

Unanimously without discussion was approved the trunk budget of the association for the remainder of 2018. It was set at 248.300 euros in the administrative budget and 13.500 euros in the asset budget. Munnerstadt and nudlingen need to finance the administrative budget 125.Raise 300 euros yourself. For this, each municipality pays a levy of 662.9630 euros for each school. Deadline is always the 1. October of the previous year. On that day, the school association had 189 students, 142 of whom came from munnerstadt and 47 from nudlingen. An important source of income is the allocation of 114 euros from the state of freestate for the school’s budget.000 euro. In addition, among other things, 4200 euros from other municipalities for visiting students and 1700 euros allocated for free teaching aids. Rough items on the expenditure side are among others 14.100 euros cleaning costs, 24.900 euros for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, 8000 euros for accident insurance, 2700 euros for swimming lessons/use of swimming pools, and as a

A much rougher 138.000 euro for the school claim.

With the remark "we have today set the course for the middle school association in three" burgermeister blank concluded the meeting.


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