Multi channeling the big chance for webshops?

Until now, it was a logical consequence for successful retailers to establish an online presence sooner or later in order to remain competitive in their industry. Online stores with an offline orientation remain the exception, however.
Fashion for home has not, however, jumped into the ice cold water with the opening of the new showroom in berlin mitte. After several successful "test runs" through their pop-up stores and their showroom at alexanderplatz, the operators of the designer furniture store have been able to gather valuable experience that they can profitably integrate into their new multi-channeling concept. Berlin-based mobelshop can also benefit from the multi-channeling experience of its new investor acton capital.
Fashion online store conley’s has also decided to sell its products additionally in retail stores in the future. With the support of smaller partner stores, where conley’s corners are set up, they also try to take off stationarily.
Multi channeling may not work equally well for every internet company, but it can be an opportunity to reach a broader audience. The furniture industry on the internet is currently growing very fast and the potential is far from exhausted. Many customers still refrain from buying on the internet, especially for products in the high-priced segment, as it is important for them to know that they are buying a high-quality product from a trustworthy source. A representative store floor, as in the case of fashion for home, can therefore be a good complement to the online store and alleviate potential customers’ fears.
In multi-channeling, the successful interplay of stationary and online channels can create a customer-oriented and efficient sales model that can make the decisive difference between a webshop and a successful company.

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