Munnerstadt: hannah played bartering real

Munnerstadt: hannah played bartering real

The realistic accident representation of the fire department munnerstadt in the context of the specialized service camp of the bavarian red cross became also a challenge for the firefighters. "Accident place" was the city parish church in munnerstadt. This staircase is currently covered in dust and thus offered a suitable training object for the realistic rescue of an injured person from a height of about ten meters. It was assumed that the rotten beams of the side roof of the church had collapsed. When the firefighters and the forces of the BRK munnerstadt arrived at the church, they saw a young man lying on the ground who had been hit by falling pieces of the roof truss. On the scaffold, at a height of about ten meters, they hoarded cries for help from another person.

While the injured person lying on the ground could be helped quickly, it turned out that it was not so easy to take care of the person, represented by hannah from the hammelburg youth red cross, and to bring her safely down to the ground. There was no way to carry her down the truss, as there were only narrow ladders and hatches. "The existing staircase, which we would naturally use in an emergency, we think today once away", explained the firefighters. This left only the possibility of getting to the injured person via the turntable ladder. The narrow street at the museum was a further problem. Cars were parked there, which first had to be driven away. "That can happen to us in an emergency, too" said a firefighter. Then it was not so easy to position the ladder so that it could be extended.

Had it not been known that this was an exercise, 19-year-old hannah had been taken for lying badly injured on the gerust and repeatedly calling for help. "Where are you … I have such pain… I can hardly move my leg… It bleeds." To keep calm, it was nevertheless necessary for the rescue team and the fire department, because it took some time until the turntable ladder was in place and a brkler and a fireman could go up in the rescue basket.

When they were on the scene, there was the next problem, because it was not so easy to get to the injured person. The small ladder on the basket was laid out and secured, as were the firefighter and the sanitarian. Carefully, the two climbed into the ladder, where the injured person was was first calmed and cared for. The rough beam was taken from her leg, but in it was stuck a wooden stump.

Again and again hannah clearly showed that she was in pain. "We have heard it all the way down" said the red cross observers in front of the church. "You would have thought she was really badly injured, but that was what she was supposed to demonstrate" said state doctor dr. Peter sefrin. How to get the injured woman onto the rescue stretcher and thus onto the basket of the turntable ladder?? Initially perplexity, then the decision to unscrew an intermediate part on the framework. Very carefully the stretcher was pushed onto the ladder and the "injured" person was placed on it strapped in tight before going downhill.

Brave, brave, said the helpers on the spot, because it took a lot of effort to lie down on the stretcher and be transported down the fire department ladder from a height of ten meters. On the ground, the youth could then be "taken care of" by the BRK rescue team and received a lot of praise for their realistic portrayal of the accident and their courage. "We could have broken off, but hannah wanted to go all the way and that was very brave." For the munnerstadt firefighters, it was a drill that required quick but safe action and showed how to react in a serious case.


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