Certificate for facilities for the elderly

certificate for facilities for the elderly

If you work with people and animals, you have to love both: people and animals. Marina pompe does. That’s why it has received a special award for its facilities. The two senior citizens’ aid facilities have been officially recognized as training centers for "animal-assisted intervention" since this year.

In a ceremony manfred burdich of the working group mantrailing – rescue dog team& therapy dog center the board with the official recognition. "Quality in education is indispensable", said burdich. And the mantrailing working group is focusing on quality with its training companies. The training to become a certified therapy assistance dog team at the mantrailing working group and its affiliated training companies is the only one in the entire german-speaking area that is both accredited by the european society for animal assisted therapy (ESAAT) and certified by animal assisted intervention international (AAII).

New government appointed under petr fiala

New government appointed under petr fiala

In the midst of the fourth corona wave, a new liberal-conservative government has taken office in the czech republic.

President milos zeman swore in cabinet ministers under head of government petr fiala at lany castle near prague. Since the election in october, the coalition of five parties has had a clear majority of 108 of the 200 seats in the chamber of deputies. Fiala succeeds populist billionaire andrej babis, who came under pressure over financial tensions.

Bike path as hammer of the week on zdf

Only local media are interested in the inauguration of a bike path, but when a bike path leads nowhere, as in the case of albertshofen, it causes a stir even beyond the region. "The media response was tremendous, even the bavarian radio and the zdf were suddenly on the scene with film crews", dear albertshofens burgermeister horst reuther let this editorial know.

At the inauguration of the anglersteg on saturday, reuther told the burghers: "what the city of kitzingen has not achieved in twelve years, the media have now achieved in two days". This is how the head of the town commented on the development that the town of kitzingen has now declared in a press release that it is prepared to build at least a temporary cycle path. "Tonight at 5 p.M. Switch on ZDF and watch "landerspiegel", horst reuther recommended to the albertshofers. "A destination is essential, but this bike path leads to nowhere", the tv people mocked in their contribution to the series "hammer of the week.

Franken brau: the next jolt

Franken brau: the next jolt

For weeks, frankenbrau has been in the headlines again and again. First, a facebook post by the brewery during the kronach schutzenfest caused unrest. The first recall action followed only a few days later, and two more within the next nine weeks. Due to a lack of drivers, the brewery is now forced to discontinue the home delivery service. The next setback.

The turbulence of the past few weeks does not seem to have left rainer mohr entirely unscathed. Nevertheless, the owner of the neundorf brewery seems comparatively composed. In an adjoining room of the brewery, he sits on the corner bench with his shoulders slumped, clutching his coffee cup with both hands. "We’ve been delivering pranks to customers’ homes for 50 years in some cases, he recalls the long tradition of personal deliveries. These are now a thing of the past.

Hubert aiwanger sees the election outcome as open

Hubert aiwanger sees the election outcome as open

He says he is a friend of upper franconia. He knows that the government district is an "enjoyment region" and the concept of the "dog bone is well known to him.

Hubert aiwanger, state and national chairman of the free democratic party and parliamentary party leader in the bavarian state parliament, is well informed when he stops by for an editorial interview with the bayerische rundschau in the run-up to a visit to the bildungswerk fur kommunalpolitik (education center for local politics) in thurnau. And he knows the dog bone not only, but he also has a decided opinion on the newly created state parliamentary constituency wunsiedel/kulmbach. "A gross political error", he says. One that in the future could lead to the fact that the rural regions had even less weight in the political debate.

Price decline: burkardroth cuts less wood

The only item on the agenda of the public meeting of the market town council dealt with the development and planning of the community forest. 2019, which is almost over, was not an easy year for the forest, mayor waldemar bug (odp) reminded the councillors. Similar to 2018, it was a much too dry year. Significant problems due to kaferholz and storms caused a supersaturated timber market and lower prices. The price of spruce wood has dropped from 90 euros per solid cubic meter to 25 euros.

Forest ranger stefan blumrich from the rhon-saale forestry association and managing director fabian menzel could only agree with the mayor’s assessment. Therefore, with 2300 solid cubic meters, significantly less wood was cut than the forestry equipment with a cutting rate of 3400 solid cubic meters made possible. Also for the coming year the plan with 3000 solid cubic meters is clearly below the cutting rate. On the one hand, the weather in the spring and an increased effort in the care sector had led to a lower logging rate. On the other hand, the poor prices were decisive for the restrained felling behavior, explained blumrich. It makes no sense to continue cutting coniferous wood if it is not needed and cannot be sold at a profit.

“Doing good and talking about it” – how modern press relations work

"For thousands of years, people have been telling each other stories, and they have shaped our social life, brought us closer together and made us laugh and cry." How this storytelling works and how it can be used specifically in press and public relations work was explained by torsten geiling, journalist and managing director of a strategy consultancy, to around 40 voluntary functionaries from numerous eltmann associations and gave them valuable tips for their work.

"Doing good and talking about it. How modern media and press work for clubs and associations can succeed" was the headline of this lecture evening in the klenze hall, which was organized by the city of eltmann and the hanns-seidel-foundation. "What would our city be without our clubs. Associations are the heart of a community and fill it with life. The associations are therefore a matter close to my heart", first mayor michael ziegler stressed at his funeral and underlined this also with a survey, which showed special priorities for a housing search. After the question of jobs and apprenticeships, the question of clubs came in second place, because people wanted to feel integrated in their place of residence. But how can anyone find out about the associations?? It is becoming more and more difficult to bring this advertising to the public.

A lecture for afd voters in the trade union

He regretted all the more that apparently five percent of the union members had voted for the afd. It is completely inexplicable that, according to the available evaluations of the IG metall executive board, around 340,000 voters nationwide have switched from the far left to the far right, i.E. From the left to the afd. Even worse, according to recently published research by the federal executive board, the afd has garnered about five percent of the vote among union members.
For a long time now, it has not just been about the demand to abolish the euro, which would mean that the german economy could give up on itself right away.

"Inhumane slogans"
Highly explosive and dangerous are, for example, the theses of afd mastermind professor peter oberender from bayreuth, who, for example, advocates a high vaccination rate for weak children the "regulated possibility of organ sale" to the general public had proposed, in order to be able to make a living. Making such inhuman slogans acceptable, that is the real danger.

Robberies are the order of the day

The time of the thirty years' war was also a heavy burden for the small jura village of affalterthal, since it was strategically located on an old road from gobweinstein to grafenberg (nurnberg), and, what weighed even more heavily: the owners of the village, the lords of egloffstein, soon converted to the evangelical faith, which is why it often came to conflicts with the bishop of bamberg.
It was also the landed gentry who brought the swedes with king gustav adolf at the head into the country, in order to find help in the fight against the (catholic) emperor.
On 8. September 1629, in the course of the counter-reformation, 30 soldiers from forchheim and 50 armed men from the office of leyenfels entered affalterthal with the help of a bamberg constable in order to install the catholic pastor johann dietz, against the will of the people and the village owner of egloffstein.

Oath and revenge

They expelled the evangelical pastor, the chronicle continues, forcibly opened the church doors and loved to read a holy mass. The people of affalterthal were forced to return to the catholic faith by an oath that everyone had to take. Revenge was not long in coming.
On 29. October 1631 the bailiff wolf reufl von gobweinstein reports that friedrich von egloffstein has taken it upon himself to recruit horsemen, namely a whole company. Eight riders were accommodated in the inn in affalterthal, the others in private homes in bieberbach and affalterthal.
These have a "reftrager von etzdorf, who wanted to go to nurnberg with his basket, was attacked and robbed of his belongings; likewise they attacked the pastor helldorfer von wichsenstein, who wanted to go to moggast with his schoolmaster, robbed him of his horse, the silver goblet and the schoolmaster's clothes together with his coat.

A3 in lower franconia to be widened further – three lanes by 2019

Construction work on the last 20-kilometer section between rohrbrunn (district of aschaffenburg) and the main bridge near wertheim on the border with baden-wurttemberg began on thursday with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. This was announced by the bavarian ministry of the interior.

All other bavarian sections up to the biebelried interchange near wurzburg have already been completed or are currently being upgraded. On the hessian side, the A3 has been three-lane for a long time now. The costs of around 200 million euros will be borne by the federal government.