Police pictures should continue to be stored at amazon

police pictures should continue to be stored at amazon

Federal data protection commissioner ulrich kelber says it is illegal for federal police to store images of their operations on servers run by u.S. Company amazon.

Kelber called on the federal authorities to immediately switch to a german cloud provider and store the sensitive recordings of the so-called bodycams there. But the federal ministry of the interior does not share his concerns.

The use of video cameras, which police officers attach to their uniforms, is intended to deter possible attackers. In addition, the recordings can later help to identify criminals.

"We have already informed the federal police and the federal ministry of the interior in 2018 that we consider the storage of the bodycam data in the amazon cloud to be unlawful," kelber told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" (monday). According to his assessment, access to the data by US authorities cannot be ruled out.

The federal police had defended their decision last week as a transitional solution. This is necessary until federally owned clouds suitable for this purpose become available, said federal police prasidium spokesman gero von vegesack. The spokesman made it clear in this context that the solution found with amazon had been tested in advance over several months together with the federal office for information security (BSI) – ultimately with positive results.

A spokeswoman for the federal ministry of the interior stressed in berlin on monday that amazon’s storage of data complies with german data protection standards. The data was stored "on german servers in germany in accordance with german law". Nevertheless, "whether there are other possibilities", such as storage on the federal cloud, is currently being examined. In combination with the motorola radios of the federal police, however, only a storage on the amazon cloud is possible at the moment.

Baden-wurttemberg’s interior minister thomas strobl (CDU) stressed that in order to ensure data security and protection, the state government in stuttgart had decided to wait until the recordings could be "transmitted via our secure police network" before delivering the bodycams to its police officers. Strobl said: "implementing this solution was not easy, we also had to make adjustments to the network."The use of bodycams makes sense. It could help to "reduce aggressive behavior towards the forces".

FDP interior politician benjamin strasser demanded that the federal police bodycam project be stopped for the time being. The fact that federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) ignored the concerns of data protection commissioner kelber was typical of the "fits and starts" way of working-ministers".


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