Rail bike path: opening not until spring 2019

Some people in riedenberg were already worried. The new railroad cycle path was to be used as a detour during the construction work on gerodaer strabe, but the asphalting was a long time coming. Now, about ten to twelve days ago, a short piece of the path was asphalted. The detour route works perfectly. But the people of riedenberg will have to wait a little longer for the rest of their bike path.

Reason: delays on the section between oberbach and wildflecken. There beside the production of the cycle track a new canal is built at the same time. The wastewater from wildspots, upper wildspots and the rhon barracks will be forwarded in the future. Whether the processing will take place in a new clearing plant in oberbach or riedenberg, or centrally in trubenbrunn, has not yet been decided.

Bridge work still to be done

There are problems in wernarz, too. For two bridges are still missing finished parts. When the railroad still ran over the track, simple steel girders were sufficient for bridge construction. Of course, this no longer works for the new cycle track. A good distance further on in the direction of zeitlofs, the section on high schmidthof has now been asphalted.

So there are a lot of details that made the rhonallianz decide to postpone the official opening ceremony of the track. But it is to be made up for in the spring with the involvement of all four communities on the former railroad line, reports alliance manager uwe schmidt. But the burgers don’t have to give up their bike path entirely. "If we can release a rough section, we want to do it." But traffic safety must be guaranteed in any case, schmidt emphasizes.

In bad bruckenau, the road maintenance department has meanwhile installed a weibe line on the bypass road. It helps to visually demarcate the railroad bike path built right next to it. A structural demarcation, as demanded by the city council, is also to be introduced. The administration had forwarded the request to the specialist office that had been commissioned with the design of the cycle path. This is reported by leo romeis of the city council. The implementation of the design concept will take place next year, in a second step after the opening of the cycle track in spring.


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