Records around the summer

Records around the summer

Where some people just want to kick back on their summer vacation, others are really getting going. And set a record or two in the process. A colorful overview.


Beach baskets are only for parks? No way. According to the manufacturer, the world’s largest beach chair on the baltic sea island of usedom can accommodate up to 70 vacationers. The shade tree measures six meters wide, four meters high and three meters deep – even a WLAN hotspot is built in. The XXL basket on the promenade in heringsdorf required a structural engineer and its own foundation. Since 2014 it invites you to stay.

The shade provider was built in the heringsdorf basket factory. According to their own information, this is the oldest beach chair manufacturer still in production in germany. It also made the beach chair in which german chancellor angela merkel sat together with the heads of state and government of the g8 countries in 2007. This model was a good two meters high and just under six meters long, but a number smaller.


If a cool sea breeze in a beach chair wasn’t enough to refresh you, you could help yourself to a childhood classic: water bombs. Take balloons and fill them to the brim with cold water. In 2011, a group of students from the u.S. University of kentucky took this to the extreme. 8957 participants fought a gigantic water balloon battle at the end of august – guinness world record. 175,141 water bombs served as ammunition.


No less gigantic was the plan of some us americans in the state of wisconsin. In 2014, they formed the world’s largest ball of ice cream. Flavor: strawberry. The pink monster was 1.67 meters high and 1.88 meters wide, weighed 1365 kilograms and swallowed around 733 containers of ice cream. Probably because of the enormous weight, the sphere had to do without a wafer. But tasting was allowed: thousands of visitors to the cedarburg strawberry festival lined up to enjoy generous portions of the sublime mixture.


In san diego (USA), the dog abbie girl set a guinness world record for dog surfing in 2011. The black and brown dog lady rode 107.2 meters on one wave. Her owner michael uy recounted that abbie girl once swam out to him while he was surfing. To give her a breather, he brought abbie girl onto his board. But instead of lying down, the dog stood up on the board. Michael put the board and dog on a wave, and abbie girl rode it to the end – the beginning of an animal summer sports career.


The end of many waterballs is coming. Once you don’t pay attention, the sea grabs the inflatable plastic ball. Losing was out of the question with this one: the world’s largest inflatable beach ball measures almost 20 meters in diameter. It was found at the themse in london in 2017. But the monster ball was not meant for playing, it served as an advertising space for a cinema film.


The result of a sandcastle project on the island of rugen was also worthy of a film: last year, artists built a sandcastle 17.66 meters high, thereby securing the guinness world record. The only ingredients allowed were sand and water. About 11,000 tons of the fine grains were needed – a good 550 truckloads. 20 artists work on the structure for three and a half weeks, eight hours a day. The head of the project in the baltic resort of binz, thomas van den dungen, is a professional: he had already won sandcastle world records before, for example in 2011 for the longest sand sculpture and in 2013 for the most sandcastles built in an hour.


In addition to sand under their feet, tropical fruits, such as pineapples, are also part of summer for many people. According to the guinness book, the heaviest pineapple was harvested in 2011 by the australian gardener christine mccallum. The fruit weighed a proud 8.3 kilograms, had a circumference of 66 centimeters and was 32 centimeters long – a guinness record. The harvest was the result of long care: two and a half years the fruit grew in mccallum’s garden.


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