Riexinger counts on majority left of center

Riexinger counts on majority left of center

"Grune and the SPD must answer the question of how they intend to implement a left-wing electoral program without the left-wing. That is simply impossible."

According to polls, a red-red-green coalition currently had a chance of winning a majority again. SPD candidate for chancellor peer steinbruck and party leader sigmar gabriel once again categorically rejected cooperation with the left-wing party over the weekend. Gabriel also ruled out toleration by the left: "you can't run germany with a minority cabinet," he said on sunday evening on ARD's "report from berlin.".

Riexinger affirmed that he expects a majority to the left of center after the election. The fact that this is not being implemented is entirely due to red-grun. "The SPD, in particular, has placed itself in voluntary captivity," he criticized. "And with chancellor candidate peer steinbruck, no left-wing policy can be made."

The left is not campaigning for a coalition, the party leader stressed. "But we want a change of policy and are therefore prepared to enter into a minimum wage, pension or redistribution coalition, a coalition against hartz IV."The party is currently between seven and nine percent in almost all polls, just as it was in 2009. Even though the situation has become more difficult since then, he hopes for a double-digit result. In the federal election four years ago, the left had achieved 11.9 percent of the vote.

Earlier, left-wing faction leader gregor gysi had campaigned for a red-red-green coalition. Gysi also ruled out tolerating red-green: "either you're in the government or you're in the opposition. I want it right," he declared on ZDF. If the SPD makes an offer for a red-red coalition, you have to see what all comes together. What the left would not go along with was a combat deployment of the federal armed forces.

Grunen leadership candidate jurgen trittin sees gysi's rhetoric as proof that the left doesn't want to govern at all. "On the contrary, it often enough provides black-yellow with the key words. We want a majority of red and green. That's our goal, and that's what we're fighting for," the faction leader told the newspaper "passauer neue presse" (Monday).


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