Saale newspaper helps with books

Saale newspaper helps with books

Can we beat last year's record of 48,450 euros?? We at the saale newspaper hope that this year we will be able to help with our "christmas aid" rubbing the 50 000 euro mark – with: bookers!

Because since today until after christmas there is a rough book table in the counter hall of the saale-zeitung in theresienstrabe 21, which is full of everything worth reading from our private bookshelves. You know how it is: you fall in love with some books, you can't throw them away – but you can give them away for a good cause.

And that's exactly what we're doing: if you like the crime novels, non-fiction books and novels, then simply take them with you – in exchange for a donation to the christmas charity's coffers.

As always, every cent goes directly to charity, which can use the money to help people in acute need. The federation of women, where the need often goes unrecognized in bad kissingen. "Many think there is no poverty in bad kissingen", says social counselor gabriele morath. From the donation pot it draws, in order to reach needy under the arms.


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